There Are No Secrets! HushMoneyBeats.Net
There Are No Secrets! HushMoneyBeats.Net

Terms and conditions

Commercial leasing of our hip hop instrumentals is as follows.

All soundtracks (also called beats to rap to or tracks) found within this site or linking back to this site ( and used from this site shall be subject to these leasing parameters. All exclusive beats will remain the property of and can be used without limit by the party that purchases the exclusive rights to said track. producer shall make the seperate elements of said track availiable through electronic means including email. The tracked out version along with mp3 and wav file format shall all be included with exclusive beat transactions. All exclusive beat transactions shall be known as a sale from here on. All beats purchased without exclusive rights will be referred to as lease(s) and are subject to non exclusive use rights.

Non Exclusive use rights are as follows. Leases does not permit unlimited use. The time period for level 1 leases are for no more than a six month period of time and level 2 leases permit a one year leasing period. Any use beyond the time frame of the deal shall be in violation of the copyright laws without express written approval from the renewal of the lease period. Any use beyond the leasing period shall be at a penalty determined at any time by the owners of the property(s) in question. All level 1 leases will allow the user to sell 1500 copies, benefit from 1 commercial/profitable use (example; album, mixtape, radio, iTunes, shows) including public performances within the given leasing time period. All level 2 leases will allow the licensee/ user to sell 10000 copies and do 3 commercial public performances without accruing any addition fees due to violation. (eg. shows, mixtapes, albums, radio, tv etc.)

With every lease the user and/or leasee will receive the beat in HQ MP3 format, (320kbps) and, Credit MUST be given to H.M. beats, in lyrics or in the track listing in the form of (Prod. By H.M. Beats) & H.M. Beats still owns the beat.