There Are No Secrets! HushMoneyBeats.Net
There Are No Secrets! HushMoneyBeats.Net

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Experience the benefits of conveinently recording high quality music with minimal equipment.

If You Can CLICK A Mouse, Then You Can Record Music

If You Own A Earpiece For Handfree Listening On Your Phone, Then You Can Record Music!

If Your Computer Crashed And You Just Have To Finish That Hit, Then You Can Record Music Here!

If Your Tracks Are Completed To Your Standard And You Need That Extra Umph,

Guess What? You Can Get It Done Here!

For Any Situation We Have Top Of The Line Mixing Expertise From Around The World

We Make Sure You Get A Quality Mix You And/Or Your Label Is Satisfied With.

No More Wasting Precious Time And Money To Get A Time Slot Of A Novice Mixer Trying To Run Up Your Bill.

Now You Can Record When You Have Your Takes Mastered

And Only Pay When You Hear A Mix Your Satisfied With


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Here @ H.M. Beats We Record On Site. Artist Who Record With Our Method Will Get There Song Posted To Our Featured Freestyle Page & Receive Promotion On A Site Thats Growing More And More As Each Day Passes. Benefits Not Only Include Free Promos But Also The Shear Convienence Of Recording More Quickly To Help Music Artist Get More Songs Done Correctly. When Time Cost It Flys By, And As The Artist You Want To Be Patient And Take Your Time To Make Sure You Perfect Your Presentation. Paying For Studio Time By The Hour Doesnt Allow Todays Song Writer The Kind Of Patience To Perfect Everything In One Studio Session, Unless He/She Is A Multi-MillionAire, But Thats A Different Story! We Help You Save Money On Studio Time That Can Be Used For More Career Enhancing Investments; Like Promotion! We Also Offer Free Promotion So Those Extra Dollars You May Have Left Could Go Towards Something Else That Might Be Of Benefit To Enhance Your Career Faster! Were an in House Promotion Company, Which Means We Promote Our Family Artist Together As A Family Would & Should Do! If You Buy A Beat From Us Or Record Tracks With Us, Your Entitled To A Bit Of Free Promo. Record A Freestyle Free When You Join The Hush Family, You Gotta Be A Cold Artist Though, So Bring Your A Game!!!

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