There Are No Secrets! HushMoneyBeats.Net
There Are No Secrets! HushMoneyBeats.Net

Need Instrumentals? Here’s Beats to rap to!

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If you dont think you need high quality rap beats for your songs, think again!


Beats in music is the cornerstone of an artist’s career,

without instrumentals to accompany the vocals composition music

would not have a ryhthm for an artist to keep up with,

especially in the rap genre.

One of rap’s most prominent features

is its hypnotic beat to make the listener latch

on to every word spoken!

For that reason most fans look forward to hearing a music beat

along side an artist’s poetic lyrics.

With the demand for beats from fans though comes extra responsibility

on the artist’s behalf. That responsibility, not known to most up and coming artist,

could cost a lot in the long run if not knowledgeable about how the business works.

Music is only a business.

Some people make the mistake of trying to enjoy making music

as a hobby instead of looking at it for what it really is.

Its a Business. No different than a micky d’s franchise.

Would you start a local business for fun,

and then take for granted what it could do to your life.

Starting a local business can ruin a financial life for a long time

if it doesnt work out for the owner.

Debt so deep your childrens children will inherit it. Its not pretty what business can do.

But if your nurture your business affairs with a focus mind,

it can lead you to a life so abundant your children’s children will

remember you and love the life you lived on this earth. Its amazing what business can do!

Im not saying you cant enjoy a hobbie making music

but as a hobbie you could get sued,

worst yet you could be missing money due to you.

See when you rap on a beat and put it online what happenes is

the automatic tracking system has a way to recognize your song, all across the web.

So if someone in singapore were to click play on your video,

thats a royalty due to you, but if your biz aint in order, it will be payed

to who ever is there to collect it on your behalf. Which is ……….drum roll please

Performing rights organizations. (p.r.o.)

They collect royalties and pay them out to the artsit, of course they take a percentage

if they pay you but if you dont get paid, someone does!

So making music as a hobby is like working for nothing.

Because people like your songs and you’re getting plays and likes,

you are officially in the music industry, like it or not.

Now as a professional you can start looking into publishing if you haven’t already,

look into copyrights and really understand it because

its the foundation to a career.

You will be broke again as soon as you make some money

 if you dont understand the way you are supposed to get paid.


Beats to rap to is important because people make beats,

people give beats with the intentions on getting them played,

either by artists or fans of artists or both, so they can get paid.

If you dont pay for a beat up front, producers are going to make out even better

wheather you blow up or not, because you still gotta get plays to blow up

if you dont get many plays they are not losing anything because its still an unplayed beat.

Once it gets plays, the producer is due royalties

through their p.r.o. affiliation’s audio tracking technology.

So as an artist using a free beat it may say royalty free,

but thats only after you have made a purchase for the royalty free contract!

Its always a trick with the wording just to get clients, its sad.

The best way is to just go through the channels to make sure you are legal.

Its not hard and its affordable, especially to an artist who is still nine to fiveing!

Stop using Meek Mill beats if you want to make money,

instead of letting him make all the money or making his producer rich you do it.

If you’re as nice as you say you are the’re going to

hear it or their attorney might hear it, and come after you when they do.

Thats one of the reasons why they dont listen

to up and coming artists who dont know the business.

And its the reason people wont take you serious out here.

People do listen, and if you are not getting any responses

then you need to change something to get results, and they should be immediate.

This is experience so dont take this advice lightly!

like this

People (fans) like rap beats they haven’t heard before, they want something fresh.

Yeah, you killed that beat but Wayne bought it and killed it.

That’s the difference in success!

Major artists buy beats so they can keep most of the profit from the song.

Most of them have a beat maker online that they keep in touch with,

so when they need beats they get the best deals.

There are all kinds of ways to find the best hip hop producer out there.

20 dollar beats, laid back beats, beat tapes, rap beats (beats de rap) etc.

you can name a specific genre of instrumentals you like, or you can communicate

with certain producers through their beat shop (beats website), and they are everywhere.

Your goal would be to buy beats from a beat shop with beats everyone does not have.

You want something affordable, but not so cheap that everyone has the same thing.

Remember, the more expensive the more exclusive.

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