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Is Hip Hop Music Art

Is Hip Hop Music Art



Do you count as hip hop music art? This question is usually raised because arogant uncle Tom types want to show their status that they most likely kissed behind for. But today we will answer the question concisely through words and video. The point of this mission is to squash the notion that urban music cant be a part of the conversation of the greats in music. Hip hop music has its great artists to lay claim to in the same way pop has laid claim to the greatest music artist of all time (Mj). Hip hop music art has given rise to artists like 2pac, and the great thing about him was what he rapped about and how he brought that awareness to those individuals that were ready for it, using the hip hop platform. Believe it or not alot of music artists in the 80s and 90s was bringing awareness to the community with their music, and the music was more like poetry. In fact most of those hip hop music art ist will tell you that they were poets. Poems envoke feelings and tend to have a mood itself.

I added this definition from wikipedia: 

Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts – artworks, expressing the author’s imaginative or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.[1][2] In their most general form these activities include the production of works of art, the criticism of art, the study of the history of art, and the aesthetic dissemination of art.

So based off the wikipedia definition criticizing art or studying the history of it is a form of art in itself. Hip hop music is indeed an artform, dancing is also an artform, once it is recorded the medium for playback is created as an artifact (e.g. dvd, or mp3 player, etc). When a rap artist (as they are sometimes professionally referred to) says rhyming words in a rhythmic fashion with a musical accompaniment it becomes music, once its recorded and delivered (no matter what platform it is) it then becomes art, (based off the definition) so dont shoot me im just the messenger.

So to rap this up : (get it? wrap this up. Never mind) for all the nay sayers out there who want to tell us our craft isnt worth it tell them to visit this page. They may have all the reasons in the world why they think hip hop is not art, but we dont get paid to think we get paid for what we know. What we know is based on facts, and all we are doing is presenting facts that will allow you to make an educated decision about what to believe so you can know.

Please feel free to comment and share. What do you think? Is hip hop music art. What is it if not.

Thanks for visiting family Peace.
– Cee Secrets

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hip hop music art

new hip hop music true stoner

New Hip Hop Music TruE Stoner by Henni

New Hip Hop Music

TruE Stoner by Henni

Welcome to new hip hop music TruE Stoner from Music artist Henni album not yet titled. Henni is a charismatic individual with a talent for the craft and business side of the hip hop music scene. Henni was interviewed in person by our producer who asked some of the highlight questions any fan would want to know. Henni has gotten his name because he says he like to turn up, and whenever he shows up to the party he always has the henny with him and a oz to blow. So his name was forced upon him in a way but it also came with other monikers like the yacman and the life of the party along with other party animal name one may acquire. Not only is his name a representation of the kind of experience you can expect to get when you follow Henni, but his new hip hop music true stoner is a representation of that lifestyle as well.

Henny let us know that its not hard to make songs about things you already like to do in your day to day life anyway, and that is the angle Henni uses when approaching the tracks he creates. His passion is not really the music, which is what makes the music that much more interesting. Henni told us that he got more excited when he could bring the crowd together to follow him and what he was doing. He said he would go to college campuses where he wasnt well known and put on a show that was so resonant that even the racist whites wanted to be apart of what he was doing. Henni is the show man and based off what we encountered from Henni he puts on a hell of a show.

Although he is just starting he is gaining ground in what he is doing very fast. He is very smart and observant when it comes to wanting to learn something he doesnt know. This is one of his strenghths because he understands that knowledge is power. This is one of the reason why this artist stands in a different light. He atests that he has learned the business of music from being around friends and graduates who do it as a living. He says he absorbs advice from those smarter than he and he uses the knowledge he gets from these sources to combine with his real talents to make masterpieces.

New Hip Hop Music True Stoner

His tru E stoner movement is also gaining traction along with his branding efforts to promote his idea of a party, (which is also my idea of a party.) He says “who doesnt drink and smoke? Everybody does, so when we party we make sure we got the drink and the smoke”.  So just to make sure you are prepared, if you show up to a party Henni will be at just know that it is going to be that type of party.

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