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Copyright Law! The Danger Of Using Industry Beats.

Copyright Law! The Danger Of Using Industry Beats.


When it comes to recorded music its big buisness, for you and for them.

Music artists spend much of their earnings to make sure their music is protected from piracy and copy cats.

Todays article goes out to the music artist. Because it is my duty to help artist grow and realize the success they desire I feel it is necessary for me to share this crucial information about your career. Even if you dont take your music serious enough to want to sell your songs this is still for you.

For the most part I always listen to what an artist has to say because it is his or her story, and im a fan of music. Sometimes I get frustrated when I slip up and listen to an artist on a well established beat, and he actually sounds good and makes sense with what he or she is rhyming about. Its frustrating because they have so much potential but lack the understanding of how this game works. It is indeed a game that is being play everyday by music professionals with 30 plus year in this industry. Its a tricky buisness model, for one thing there are a lot of secrets, the second thing is the motivation of money and what it does to a person with an upper hand of knowledge to these secrets, relative to the naive amateur. Its sickening to know that there are people out there how can provide real guidance and assistance but are insistent on tearing the small artist down by legal means which might not be afforded to for those same smaller artist. Just know though I feel your pain and thats why im insistent on helping these smaller artist reach their goals by providing valuable information that can help you as an artist transform your life and your career using your music.

Making music is easy, its so easy that anybody can do it if you have the right knowledge and or the right resources. Making music can get pretty expensive and the saying is true, you either pay now or you pay later. From start to finish to create songs, you first need instrumental music to afix vocals with, second once you have your instrumental (beat) you have to record it using mics and software, and after a recording you might want your tunes to be sent off for mastering, and after it comes back from mastering if you want to make some money from your work you have to get your song registered so the automatic payments can start coming in and once the payments are flowing in and your on and everyone knows you, the process repeats itself. Hopefully your smart enough to invest what you have earned to double what your making at that time.

Sounds easy enough right? It is easy but it is also treacherous. What we dont know as humans most of the time can hurt us more than anything we are aware of. For instance, did you know that you can be sued for appearing on an exclusive beat purchased by a well known artist? Even though the instrumental may be availiable for free download, that doesnt mean you can sell a version with your voice and name on it. Its a classic set you up type of scenario, walk with me. You use the beat for fun, not serious not trying to get famous and all of a sudden five hundred thousand fans like your version. Wow, now your an overnight sensation famous beyond what you could imagine because you were just playing around on some tracks. The commercial artist who has already purchased exclusive rights to the beat you used just happens to be an asshole (plenty) he or she does not want to see you prosper because it might create competition for him or her. Thats the motive. They decide “Im going to contact my buisness lawyer and and put an end to his prosperity.” So they file a complaint for copyright infringment. As an amateur artist you cant fight back because the money there set to make from the lawsuit against you is so large a portion of it goes straight to the lawyer for his time and energy. This motivates the lawyer so they wont stop until they acheive results. Most of the time in court the one with the most money or resources wins, (unless you have the right knowledge of course) so if your not trying to make it big you should probably try to gain the knowledge needed to reach that next level.

Todays discussion is about beats, because artists use any beat out there like its no repercussions, and a lot of times free beats are just setups to get your money on the back end through lawsuits. Its common in the music industry because a lot of music is not owned by artists or producers, most of the master recordings are owned by big gready record companies who dont know you and dont mind breaking your life down and making it a living hell after destuctive lawsuit settlements awarded on there behalf. Its simple, buy beats. Now days beats sell fairly inexpensive and can take your career up without worring about it coming down because of a jealous lazy company.

Everything is digital so if you get a beat online its already coded. It tells the automatic system where it came from and everywhere it has gone, from downloads to streaming to shares, it is all tracked with a digital system that is pretty accurate.

Dont take chances with that type of buiness because you can be in debt a long time before you ever come out. When using beats its important to understand where it originated, because thats the only way to know the terms and conditions of the contract attached to it. Every beat has a contract attachment with it but its only through the creater of the beat that the contract is reviewable.

You can understand why artist invest so much money into these musical arrangments now. Without a beat we could not call it music, and it would not have the same effects as it does. The beat determines the mood you fall into, without it songs would get boring fast and it probably would be hard to distingish one classic song from another the way we do.

The purpose of using beats is so that the artist’s song can stand out from from the vast majority of other artists songs. Beats are used and dictate originality in music, without it who are you? Using the same beats other artists use is like shooting yourself in the foot. Take a free beat for instance, everyone that make songs might have this free beat so it comes down to who going to get noticed first, right? But what if three or four people get noticed at the same time with the same beat? Whos song is it really? As an artist you want exclusive beats, instrumentals that no other artist has because when you get big with the beat and people want to use it for fun, you can get paid from it on their expense for their ignorance.

This is free education you probably wont get anywhere else so take it and apply it, use this information wisely. If your not big on being a music artist and dont want to spend money on exclusive beats there are producers out ther who charge 99 cents for one beat, almost every producer will give you a free beat for nothing more than an email address

Stop calling yourself a serious artist if you wont invest money in beats to further your career. In the obsolete days of analog recording beats were super expensive but in todays artist driven music industry beats are easy to afford and find, its all digital. Beats used by famous artist are cool off the internet, but dont try to sell them because you never know whose hands the songs might end up in. Copyright law protects you if your work gets stolen after it has been release this is the agency you find a complaint with before long court processes. Publishing is going to make sure you get paid from your plays and downloads or sales. You do not have to file for a copyright for your songs unless you think someone has stolen your original work.


There is nothing wrong with used industry beats but most fans have heard it and all the independent versions so much that most of them dont want to hear your version or they just know your not serious and dont want to waste time listening to someone play around on a beat.


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Serious artists will spend top dollar to perfect their craft and grow their fan base even if it means buying an exclusive beat to make sure no other artist will have it. Leases are ok but remember every other artist will have that same track because that’s what its for but it ok to get lease if you plan on selling a limited number or your just starting off or your just not serious with the craft. Whatever the case make sure to contact the producer of your favorite beats and let them know that you will be trying there beat(s) out. They would appreiciate it and probably help you out as far as reaching your goals as an artist.


Thats my message to get artist rolling in the right direction.


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