Download free hip hop instrumentals

Download free hip hop instrumentals

Click here to Download free hip hop instrumentals

Signup now and you will be given access to download free hip hop instrumentals, or beats to rap to. The producer took about 65 random beats from the collection of hundreds, spent about two hours tweaking each beat individually, (weeks of work considering you have to let your ears rest between time) added producer tags ( 1 hour worth of work to create it), and bounced and converted each file all one by one (computer space and time to test). Most of the time was spent arranging 8 bars to 32 bars loops into intro some verses and hooks and as The big homie Kev would say, ” a stinger at the end”. Some of the time was spent swapping instruments out to more appropriately fit the mood of whatever track was being worked on. And all the time spent paid off because its finally complete. Now you have acces to 65 beats from this collection and the great thing about it is you can pay what you can afford to pay.


Download free hip hip instrumentals


As a producer growing, the purpose is to expand our reach here at hushmoneybeats. Producers all over the web sell beats and let you download free hip hop instumentals but somehow you ended up here at a place willing to take whatever you have to pay for a beat. Just be fair, as an artist you know this stuff takes time if you appreciate the craft show love the way you would want to get love shown to you. There are no strict guidelines here but we do ask for respect. This deal does not include the set prices of exclusives. Exclusives are in another class and do not price the same.

We would like to thank you in advance from and we would love to hear your music and if its good put it on our feature artist page. Please we would love to hear the best conscious positive music out there. All music will be considered but we love conscious music because it teaches and we like to learn.

Peace family and thanks for your time.

-Cee Secrets (the producer)