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Hip Hop Beats – For Sale or Free

Hip Hop Beats –

Hip Hop Beats

For sale or Free?

Pick your price, for sale or free hip hop beats are available for all price ranges. But should there be a price attached to digital productions? Music is intangible meaning you cant physically touch it or pick it up with your hands. I mean, you can pick up a cd with music on it, but you cant openly identify music as a physical property by picking it up as a physical human. “Then why should I pay for something I cant touch”, you say? Well, music is a little different because its identified as an intellectual property. Its basically to say that the owner created it and has the right to recreate it as many times as he or she want to. Its called copyrights. Copyrights is the reason why it is neccesary to sell digital works. Music and digital works has been exploited and used economically to make a situation where supply and demand is prominent in music. Most try to profit from his or her music because of this attractive feature. Hip hop beats are included in the discussion because along with the intangible lyrics the instrumental accompanyment will be heard by the audience as well. So its availability, this is why financial consideration is and should be included with these digital goods. If its possible for artist and the record company to make boo coos of dollars from selling entire arrangements why should it not be customary practice to compensate each party included in the collaboration of the arrangement?

Music is consumed in similar ways as food consumption. Its only difference is, food goes to the stomach music goes to the brain, but they both nourish your physical being. In that sense music is loved by all or most people and different people like to hear different styles from one another. Which expands the supply further and creates the situation for music to be consumed and in turn sold and capitalized from.

The point is; if you can sell it then all the creaters should be able to benefit and sell it the same way. Unless prior arrangments have been worked out in writing between the parties.

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