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There Are No Secrets! HushMoneyBeats.Net

Hip Hop Instrumentals Download

Hip Hop Instrumentals


We are offering a free hip hop instrumentals download. Most likely youre an artists if you are reading this, if not you can record on our site and become an artist, more about that later. We have taken 65 random beats from our collection of hundreds and threw them onto a beat compilation. We split the comp up into 13 seperate volumes because of size and were planningon giving away these comps. These beats have been made throughout the past 3 years and has a variety of moods and feelings to accommodate your style and delivery as an artist. We deliver tagged beats for our protection and we ask that you contact us concerning which beats you are performing to. In exchange for giving you these beats to use to create your songs we ask that you openly give credit to our website and productions, by placing the word produced:



These beats will be given away on a monthly basis. Each month a new beat compilation will be released on the hushmoneybeats website and sent to subscribers of the email list. Each month a five beat set will be downloadable and you will be notified of the downloadable status of each set. Besides our free beat mixtape series we would like to make you aware of the beats we have reserved for exclusive rights only. These beats are not as readily available to the public and are waiting for your request to check them out. Beats do not come mastered on the site how ever if you need beats mastering we will provide it upon request as well. We make it extremly easy to contact us through the various method however facebook may be the best way to contact us if you are not on our mailing list. We ask that you signup to our mailing list to stay in contact with us and for notifications and updates.

Thanks for your attention, Peace

-Cee Secrets

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