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There Are No Secrets! HushMoneyBeats.Net

How To Rap Off The Top Of The Dome

So….. you thinking about becoming a rapper?

We want to teach you how to make a rap song, but first you must learn how to rap off the top of the dome!

Being a rapper is not hard work but comes with a responsibility you may not realize before becoming a rapper.


You did say you want to learn how to rap right?


Well, once a rapper always a rapper, remember that!


This article will give you things to keep in mind early in your rap career, to make the most out of your rap song(s).

  • First understand this: rappers aren’t ignorant and dumb, (no pun intended) not as dumb as you may think.

To bring words together to make sense, one has to know the meanings of the words, and to make them rhyme at the same time is the same as multitasking, which requires some amazing use of the brain!

  • Number two: If they are dumb and ignorant (no pun intended) they shouldn’t be because, music is a business.

We live in a world of all types, you want to have your sh* tyght. Wheather you make money from your music or not if you share it online someone is going to make money if its hot. Should it be the artist or as they call it the composer to get paid the most first? Yes it should, but you need to know how to handle biz. They dont teach this subject in most public schooling systems so you probably wont be familiar with this topic which I share.

Im going to show you how to rap, and make great songs. Im going to be helping you every step along the way, so you can be the next rapper to make the most $ from your music.

I really dont know where to start so im telling you the details as I go and fitting in the pieces you need to understand if it is of importance.

So I guess you can say this is my freestyle article.

First you need to understand that, a rap ryhmes, a rap is a ryhme with a rhythm.

So when I give you a steady rhythm like, boom clap boom clap boom clap, its the pace of the piece. The pace piece is what we like to call it! Its the rhythm and it helps the rapper rhyme in time. As a rapper you dont want to be offbeat. You want to rhyme with the steady pace wheather it be fast or slow off the dome.

When rapping you can rhyme fast or slow on any beat because of the rhythm once youv’e mastered it.

The beat has its own rhythm and the rapper has his/her own rhythm.

To be a good rapper you want to always hear that rhythm in your mind when rapping off top. The rhythm can be your own pace, it does not have to be a certain speed but it should be steady. The beat if you choose to use one, should not be fast and slow but can be fast and slow. Ill explain that in a future article because I have beats like that to explain so you understand exactly what I mean.

For now just try to understand the rhythm, and the rhymes. Now i’m going to share advice about, what to rap about.

Ahhh, Thats the real reason you came right? You want to spit some lyrics, what we like to call, content.

The reason why I wanted you to realize that rappers aren’t that dumb is because their secret is more common sense than anything, “education”. They educate themselves about the meanings of these words by reading the dictionary. They remember these words and or write them down and when it comes rhyme time, BAM non stop lyrics! Which brings me to that topic because it is important if you are writing down lyrics or recording freestyles. Like I said earlier; music is a business and when you have a actual copy out here in the world somewhere other than your brain, it is to be treated a such because copyright laws apply. If your not careful you may get sued. Nowadays it is a lot easier to file copyright infringment online with a click. It was more complicated in past days to file papers through the mail. I dont want to scare you but this is the reality of this business, but we look at as just fun and games. Music shouldn’t be looked at as a hobby if you can lose your life savings in a music lawsuit. You can and will be sued if you mess up. So some of the info I share later on will help you with that also.

But for now we are going to be explaing better content! You get better content in your raps through reading the dictionary, thesarus, encyclopedia etc. because when your educated about something you are able to make topics around what you have learned. You start to understand what different words mean and how to use them in context with a rhyming word that relates to the same suject you are rapping about!

Most rappers spit about their experiences or the knowledge they aquired though those experiences. So it would definetly benefit you to do a little more reading to get the ball rolling and then learn and practice more as you go.

Try this to get you started. Make a list of words, (below) they do not have to rhyme. Write them down or take a picture of them for practice. What you want to do is, Take each word you have written down and rhyme with that word as many times as you can until you stumble, and then pick back up rhyming with another word.

For instance: Use the list of words below, how many words can you find to rhyme with grab? and then rope? then you bring them together in case you get stuck.





fish gills.


In my next article I will be discussing what you can start doing after youv’e mastered your rhyme and flow with some decent content that makes sense. I’ll tell you if your ready or you need more work once you join my mailing list!


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