Indie Artists To Watch


This is an introduction article presenting a new great way to find out about up and coming underground artists. This section of the internet will introduce artists who have a real message that needs to be spread. We will mainly deal with hip hop and urban music but most genres are welcome just as long as your song has top of the line quality and original music with a message for the masses. Our owners would not want to become responsible for any law suits that might come as a result of copyright music that belongs to another entity so we only accept original beats or proof of a clear license on popular beats. Artist can find benefit in this because as time goes the following for these posts will increase and the artists that do come to use this page for promoting their music will find there core audience hanging out here which will effectively make it easy to sell music and turn this page into a secret weapon for music professionals. Hence the name hush money. Fans and users of this page who are not artists are encouraged to support the artists they enjoy by simply following the artists call to action. Artists might have a link directing you to their site or they might have a itunes link for a paid download, they may have a merchandise link and or they might have a free download, but we ask that you be a good sport and support. This will be a source for you to find great new music, and with your support you will attract even better new music from artists who need a place to go with their music. That place to go is here where we build the fan base for you.

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