90s Hip Hop (Educational)

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90s Hip Hop (educational)

90s Hip Hop (The Golden Age)

90s Hip Hop (Educational)

The category titled 90s hip hop (educational) is focused not only on 90s hip hop, but on the feeling and mood of 90s hip hop. It aims to capture the essence of the 90s hip hop (educational) era by educating while entertaining. Music is powerful because it works to alter your subconscious. The post is this category come straight from the producer sharing his experience about the rap game and how to profit from music the right way and have money coming in year after year. On top of the producer sharing his music money making tips, he also gives back to the producers out there who may be struggling to get that right tweek or how to build up you site the right way to profit from your music. And on top of the teaching part we like to save the best for last because the new talent from new artist will give you new reasons to come back. The ability to add to the collection of new music shows the flexibility to make this an independent music platform. We offer a way for you to record your vocals all on site and the producer will mix and master offsite.

The conscious rap sub category is for those artists out there who talk about the real issued and can flip it into a light that will empower the audience. If you listen to Nas you can get an idea of what type of style being referred to when 90s hip hop is mentioned. Strictly for the conscious rap community but lenient and will accept all music to build up the catalog. Nothing to severe though, specifically in the way of degradation and negativity. Remember, we want to embrace the essence of the 90s hip hop music in an independent way, so if its acceptable it will most likely go far with us. Click Here To Sign Up