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90s Hip Hop – 3 of the Best Things About It

90s Hip Hop (The Golden Age)

Back in the golden age of urban music, 90s hip hop dominated the general music market. The conscious rap atmosphere back in those days had a certain feeling that came with the artists music when you bought it home on cassette tape. The music of the ninties had a mood recorded with the message and the music mood changed the mood of the listener to fit the mood of the record. It was a exciting transfer of energy. Anyone who was raised during that era would most likely agree that the 90s rap music was the best rap.

Most of the rap lyrics from the 90s were still explicit as far as the words being used at times, but the overall message being delivered was far from degenerate.

Which brings me to best thing number

1. about 90s hip hop, its educational stance:

Those rappers didnt want to be seen as just another black dummy from the ghetto, so when they made their music they showed the fans a side they would have never seen but through the music, intelligence. Those 90s hip hop artists were conscious of the political field and how life was being used to oppress the inner city blacks, and they used that first hand knowledge to fight back against the powers that be by simply telling the truth about those less talked about issues.

The difference between the hip hop of today and the 90s style of rap music is the message. Back then a soulful message would be delivered and accompanied with a beat that would match the soulful mood of the lyrics, which made hip hop sound more like a rough style of jazz, or funk. Hip hop wasnt always this sense of unorganized freestyle music, it had foundation. And that brings me to the second reason that made 90s hip hop great.

2. The soundtrack.

Although most music tracks used in the 90s were mostly sampled from other records, the idea was to make it original. So producers would take small beats of a popular song and use chopped up hits from the recording to make something indistinguisable from the original track. It was cool when you heard a new song and the beat was dope and sounds so familiar but you dont know where its from. Thats what kept rap music mystical and was one component that made people worldwide love the uniquly created art form of hip hop. Its the mystery about hip hop that make it so attractive for people to listen to. As long as there are beats to rap to, rap music will be around, and as long as there are producers willing to chop and record sounds and samples, there will always be mysterious beats to make an interesting rap song, even if it is lacking a powerful positive message.

3. Culture.

Which brings me to point 3, the culture of hip hop spread to its fans like a wild disease. If you saw Rakim wearing that big dookie rope you had to have one, because everyone in the world who saw the video thought its was super cool to have one just because the man on screen had one. It was a part of the culture of a rap artist, and all the fans wanted was to identify in public with there interest, which was a rap star. The culture of rap has changed significantly from that of respect to the neighborhood, to burning down the hood. From things such ass respecting and teaching women and kids to disrespect and belittling of those not as developed intellectually. The values has fallen, at one point (90s hip hop)being gay was not openly tolerated, now it is accepted and encouraged on the mainstream hip hop of today.

So in conclusion, there are other points which has dragged hip hop out of a favorable light and into a dreaded more scary darkness now and in the future, but these main features of 90s hip hop stand as a reference point to keep the treasure and ditch the trash of hip hop. Todays media channels give us the flexibility and choice to play what we want to hear all over the internet. Why settle for the crap? Start your search today for artists who will lift your soul through with their lyrics. There is a host of resources to search for indie artists with a postive message, and it is recommended that you lend them your support. It helps them to keep making that type of music and you get to watch them grow along in their career.

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