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Chakra Healing Music – Beats to Rap to

Chakra healing – Music.

Chakra remedy. Beats to rap to.

This article wants to inspire the reader to begin the healing process with their own lyrics to create personalized chakra

healing music. Sometimes we go through life without a care in the world, we just accept whats served directly to us on

the silver platter like its flawless. Most of the time those of us living in that type of care free mindset is exposed to some

level of stress. As human when we are stressed we dont think clearly and we make a lot of bad decisions.

Indeed we can benefit from some type of remedy for healing.  There are many different types of remedies available for

chakra healing but were going to talk about the power of music to heal.


Music is organic, mystical, bold, powerful, alive. Music lives. No different than you know your alive you know music

breathes, you know it speaks, it moves. Ok, maybe it doesnt eat but music lives because we live, and it can take on a

mind of its own. Our bodies are made up of cells that vibrate on a level uncalculable to humans in a natural state, but

there is proof that we are a collective vibration of cells. Vibration can produce light and sound, and light and sound can

be represented using frequency, color, symbols and shapes, numbers, distance and more. These are all ways to

represent vibration. Chakra healing music will put you in a total different mind state all together.


For instance; if our cells are vibrating then at what frequency are they vibrating at? So if you figure

out the frequency is 8hz or approximately 7.83hz then you could determine what the color is based on that frequency.

You could also figure out the direction its moving the temperature the sustainability the shape and more based on the

number of times something vibrates in a second. This is why music is so important, music vibrates. If the vibration of

music or any vibration matches your vibration its harmonious, meaning as a human you become one with nature.

Your foundational properties, meaning that vibration deep within your cells is the same as the earth, its called the

schumann resonance, and once it begans to vibrate out of sync with the base frequency of the earths base frequency,

you become unbalanced and began to get ill first mentally then physically. We have other frequencies as well because

our brain operates on higher frequencies based on circumstance. The conscious brain operates between 8 hz and 42 hz

anything below 8 hz is your unconscious body. If we translated our brain waves into sound it would be a low bass, you

could barely hear it and it would be like a deep ear ringing. It would be red if we translated the color, round if we

translated the shape and slow if we compare the speeds to higher frequencies, like in the thousands.


So all that to say this; if you want to be healed using music, first understanding you need is that of a healthy body

frequency if you know that a healthy body frequency is 8 hz then most likely adapting to a 8 hz vibration will change

your vibration to a frequency of 8 hz. Right?

The size of the speakers you would need would have to be new world order big. Lol but seriously, you could get a very

powerful amplifier to push your low range vibrations up to a higher level that might make it loud enough to hear and

feel. Careful though that much wattage burns lls.


Chakra healing music!

Back to the point chakra healing music is just one aspect of healing so dont use this advice in place of any professional

advice you may recieve from a doctor. Use this info as a supplement, meaning do it on top of what you are already

doing. You may still have to eat healthy to match the vibration you seek, but foods have a vibratory frequency as well

which will also help in changing your vibration.


And last but not all, thoughts. Music is important because it changes your thoughts which is the affect for your current

vibrational state. Negative thoughts,  (for instance didnt is the negative for did, or cannot being the negative version

of can) lower your frequency so when we say think positive we mean;—> [dont use the negative form of words.]

See how dont was used in the last sentence? It coud have been said minus the negative like this.—> [Only use the

positive form of words, like can and will]


So in conclusion listening to high vibration chakra healing music will put you in a mind state to think on a higher level

and thus raise your vibratory frequency thus causing you to think higher and do more of the things like eating right,

and excercising to keep your frequency balanced and steady.


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