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Are You A Producer Or A Beat Maker


Is there a difference between producers and beat makers?

What is a producer? You may already understand what a beat maker is just based on the words, but a producer is that and more. The words dont describe the true job of a music producer. As a growing beat maker I now understand that seperation lies in the knowledge each obtains. Beat makers I have met are ususally stuck in a lifestyle that requires them to work a nine to five job to support themselves and their families. These people make beats when its conveinent for them and their living situation and dont have any particular plan when it comes to the long term sustainablity of a music production business. Beat makers usually have time to spit a whole album worth of raps only to put the production side of the craft on the back burner until its conveient again. I dont mean to sound like im bashing beat makers because I was one, and those current beat makers will grow into producers one day hopefully. My goal with this article is to seperate the lines of beat maker and producer, because so many people use the titles interchangeably without a distinct classification of the terms. Beat makers are temporary sound arrangers, while producers are in the game for the long haul and even though producers dont know everything they know a lot more than just a typical beat maker. Anybody can go online and download a free music production software application and throw a couple sounds together, but what happens if the artist they are making a beat for asks that beat maker to throw the song it in a g minor scale with some soft chords playing a 1, 6, 5 pattern? What is a beat maker to do? Could they call upon a producer or do they spend the time learning what a producer already knows. This is what seperates the veterans from the rookies, the knowledge they obtain. A veteran has been around longer and has already learned those inevitable rookie mistakes through trial and error. This type of learning is priceless and doesnt come to a beat maker overnight. Now if your a beat maker with a producer as your coach you have a producers head start because many of us has not had that opportunity. Some of us had to learn it the hard way. So if you are a producer be proud of the knowledge you acquired because it is truly priceless. For all the beat makers out there this one bit of advice can take you to the next level undoubtably. Listen, if you cant listen there is no way of being a great producer but if your ears are open, sound becomes like colors on a wall and you can recognize each sound as if it were a color. This is my article I hope you enjoyed it and its entirety. Look for future Articles by Signing Up Below, and receive a free beat with your subscription. Dont worry its free.

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