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Best Hip Hop Instrumentals to Rap to

Best Hip Hop Instrumentals

Beats To Rap To

When you think of the best hip hop instrumentals, names like Dr. Dre, come to mind, but also names like swiss beats, pharrell, Havoc, Rza, zaytoven or even manny fresh may pop up in a best to do it type discussion about beats. All these producers were great because of their acheivements but to say anyone of them were better than the other would be inaccurate based off the fact that it is an opinion who the best is. It is relative and based from each individual perspective. Its a point of view discussion so there is no right or wrong answer of who the best is. In reality the best person for any job is the person you would call. So when it comes to beats, the person you would call back then may not be available to answer your request thus you would have to use an alternative. If you do end up using someone else as a stand in for who you really wanted maybe he is the best in that particular era. So once again the best is really dependant upon a few different topics to determine who has the most accurate opinion about who made the best hip hop instrumentals. It may stand on where your from in relation to a particular popular artist. If you visit different states even to this day the radio even has its own picks about who they think the best artists are. They play certain artists more than other artists, and it differs which artist it is from more specifically city to city. So even I as the author of this publication have a favorite but does that make it the best? Maybe in my book, but not officially.

So all that to say that we have available the best hip hop beats you can find out there on the market anywhere anyhow, and we have a seven beat mixtape we want you to have. Click here to get it. It will feature seven nice beats you will enjoy creating new music to.