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There Are No Secrets! HushMoneyBeats.Net

The Importance of staying focused



Lets look at it with the metophor of a camera lens. If you aint focus nothing is really clear which just leaves everything blurry. Lets look at our life as the focus of focus. In life what are you focused on? Is it Jayz new Cd, or is it the new love and hip hop episode that you focus in on? Do you focus on getting up to go to work everyday or do you focus on what your significant other is doing? If you are focusing on any of these things in the background, the foreground will be blurry, which is your business or your passion.
Your business should be your main focus. Like a camera, if you focus on your business, which is in front of the lens, then everything in the background will start to become blurry. You will no longer have the time to worry about the latest news story because you will be to busy focusing on your passion. What happens in you move the camera a little bit, the focus moves and the shot becomes a little blurry and it goes right back into focus if you didnt make a huge movement. Life is the same way if you have a goal that you have in the forefront of your mind but you dont always think about that goal, talk about that goal, and work towards that goal, then its just a loss of focus and that goal will be put off until it becomes a picture ready to be taken! Success does not happen over night and the consistent incremental implementation of focused based action towards any goal will lead you into your goals without you even recognizing you have reached them when you finally get there. Think about a time when you may have played nba 2k and you do good when your focused on what to do but when someone talks to you or the phone rings it throws your focus off and the gameplay isnt the same as if you honed in and focused on every action and animation. The same if your watching a movie, if someone comes and talks to you you might miss something that was said in the movie and you have tyo go back to hear what was said, it focus break and we can cure it by just staying focus. Zone out and pay attention to every detail with patience and watch answers come to you from nowhere.
This article is met to touch all who read these words because no matter what it is you want to do or be in life, if its big enough just focus on it long enough for it to happen and you wont notice the exact moment when it happened but you will just know that its happening and you will enjoy life a whole lot more.

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