Whats Beef? Video!

Video! Whats Beef?

In this video i explain whats beef by desrcibing what beef is not. Beef is not bickering and arguing amongst each other. Together we are supposed to build a world that we are comfortable with together, meaning if one person is unhappy we have to scrap the idea and find common ground amongst the majority. While we all struggle to find a buck to buy food with we never admit we have the same struggle, mostly we argue and compare our struggles with the struggles of others like to have a ranking. Instead we should put all differences aside and thrive amongst each other. The blacks with the blacks the whites with the whites the Japanese with the Japnese and so forth. So what is beef? There is no such thing as beef, its created as a means for one person to attack another as as excuse to hurt others. Beef in my book is excluding the attackers from activities. Banning them from the presence of goodness no matter how much they can give in terms of financial treats. We have to stop accepting the treats as this is the true beef. Knowledge Versus Ignorance. We beef with ourselves and project our feelings on to our enemies because its easy to shift the blame.