There Are No Secrets! HushMoneyBeats.Net
There Are No Secrets! HushMoneyBeats.Net

Do You Like To Work Or Do You Like Money?

You dont need to work a job to make money.


Learn how to manage your own time!

Time management is important in any business, including a profession as a indie music artist or producer.
Time management allows you the ability to work more on building your brand and less on building a brand that you likey wont be a part of in the future. When you speak about management you think of nine to five working for the white man suit and tie bi weekly pay period type of thing. Managers for a warehouse will allow employees to participate in the daily activities for pay for a limited number of hours weekly. That is managements main job, to manage time for duties on their shift. Managers schedule the time of business operations and the employees are apart of those operations. They (managers) plan the futures of their workers without even thinking about it, and the workers go along with it like they cant think and plan their own time. This is why alot of people will remain in poverty. If a persons time is limited to the whims of management that persons money will be limited by the times management has alotted. They are paying you and they want to make sure their time is being spent properly. As an indie artist you are the manager, and you have to manage not other employees times but your own time to spread your efforts for daily activities. Lets look at that comparison because if you have someone manage your time for you its like being a slave to something or someone else, but to manage your own time is to be free and come and go as you please. Slaves have to do what they have to do or what they are told to do. A free man does as he wants or what he plans to do. When you are in control of your own destiny you plan your own steps in life with time managment. You dont have to work for money, your money should be working for you. Nothing against jobs but if your trying to grow a brand, but putting in all these hours for your manager, how can you ever manage your own time for you brand? It starts asap because the quicker you can make time to do your daily activities that lead to success in your business, the quicker you will be successful in your life. The message is to manage your own time and dont let others dictate when you are able to make money in your life. You can just as well manage your own time and have no limits on what can be done. You dont have to work to make money you just need to know what to do to make money and its usually simple, its all about being consistent. Time management gives you the ability to be consistent in your day to day trials. As an artist you will manage your career different from any other artist because only you know when and where you like to go to the studio. You manage your own time accordingly to make those appointments work for you the same way a store manager uses an employees time to make sure those appointments work for the company, its just a difference in agenda. Working a job comes down to beliefs and mindset. As a person living in the hood I know the latter is true because most of the richest people I know dont work a job. The people I know that do work a job only work because they have no other way of making money with the skills the currently possess. You dont need a job to make money you just need to focus on whatever you are interested in like it were a nine to five job. Remember if you have read my previous articles consistency is the key, that’s why a job is so effective. You consistently work everyday so when a check is cut from the weekly hours you worked consistency manifests itself much quicker than a venture you begin without a job.

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