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There Are No Secrets! HushMoneyBeats.Net

Why Dont You Just Follow Directions



In this world of cruel selfish people, (who want what they want even if they dont know why they want it) its better to cater to the people who you want the most attention from.
Why I say this is because lately I have been reading post on the good ol facebook site and noticed either a lot of people cant read or just dont read. (not everyone of course)
It’s a disturbing trend to know that the one place in the world where words count the most people ignore words.
There are plenty of struggling artists out there who cant seem to get it right and the one reason why is because they only seem to follow suit. If one artist does it every other artist might try even minus the desired results. Im not bashing all artist because if you have made it this far in the article this cant be about you but just a word of advice because I know you want to take your career to the next level the one thing you can do the most to impress people you may need to help further your career is follow directions. This is an attractive avenue to go because you can bet that there is a bigger percentage of people who dont follow directions as opposed to those who do. If an A&R Rep says he wants your music with an electronic press kit, two pictures, one in black and white two cds etc, and you send him a link to your music youmight not get a response. In fact most people dont get responses because they dont follo directions. These people do this day in and day out and they know what it takes and what you will need for them to be able to help you. There is plenty of help on and offline in todays music industry everywhere around the globe if not just this country. These people are passioate about music and they love to help up and coming artists. Remember those same people do this everyday all year and they like to make money as well so it is in there best interest to help you because they dont want to work for free. Just this rule alone will leave you in a better position that your competition because it is now the norm to not read words but pictures, just by reading and following directions can gain you a huge advantage in the world of networking because thats what business owners want to see someone who will take what they learn and apply it to their own situation. So the next time your on facebook and some writes whatever they write and then drop your link, thats the perfect time to drop your link. If they say feedback or comment or like and you drop your link expect them to look at you differently. This is all an article from my perspective and I am a normal guy so if I am saying this you can beleive more normal people will be thinking the same thing. Get your networking off to a good start by just considering to follow this advice, watch what happens.

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