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Hip Hop Beat

hip hop beat

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Here’s another free hip hop beat download. For your entertainment purposes only not to be copied or sold. This hip hop beat is available for lease on level 1 or 2. Conditions are on the home page of this site.

This hip hop beat was most likely made in the wee hours of the night (or shall I say wee hour of the morning) like most beats because, thats when that energy seems to become abundant. That energy works to keep the producer fueled. You can tell this hip hop beat was made in a good mood, and it gives off a arrogant vibe. Its one of those kind of soundtracks that you hear an artist talk about how he or she has had a run in with the law and escaped the clutches of the so called justice system, despite the corrupt overwhelming odds they were facing from the so called authorities. It would be nice if the artist could make the joint mostly address the unfair criminal system, and show how the labelling of a criminal is a scam to make money.

Just to Educate you

In reality you are only supposed to be able to bring someone to court if they request it because of damages or injury. That basically means all cases would end up being civil, because you would be suing to get compensation for your damages, or whoever is claiming they are injured. In criminal cases there is no one entity claiming that they have been injured or that anything has been damaged. Its important because it helps you understand jurisdiction.

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The human race is undergoing and experiencing a great awakening at this time in the universe. And people are hungry to hear the truth through music about whats going on and its so much imformation availiable about whats going on in the world and how it affects us all on a person level. This track is looking for a arrogant persona to boost about how he won a battle against the system of racism /white supremacy.

Thank you for coming past today I appreciate your visit and I look forward to hearing your tracks.

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P.S. “Best advice I’ve ever been given by a major industry producer, I’ll share it with you and it’s simple. EVERYBODY and their family of friends is making music. Just trying to copy and paste your links and videos, begging people to listen to your music ain’t gonna do nothing for you. They key is attaching yourself to an producer, build a catalog with that producer, make good music, put out the music, and keep on doing it!!! If the music is good, it will get the job done, you WILL get paid….”