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Hip Hop Instrumental Free Download

Hip Hop Instrumental

Check out this hip hop instrumental available for free download. This hip hop instrumental was probably made in the bright early morning hours, thats when the producer jams. Its not known exactly when each track was produced unless we go into the actual file settings to determine which date it was it made on. This track was influenced by one of those super drunk nights. When the drunk gets to that high level, then its time to do something about it because it becomes dangerous. It was called sobriety to symbolize what brought the beat about and as it was edited on a sober mind it was changed a few times which got it dubbed sobriety tagged becuase there were two versions of it. Same everything but the effects made it sound different. So just to make a long story short, after playing with the two versions the second version was the one that ended up being kept. This beat was made on an alcohol influenced mind and edited while sober. This free hip hop instrumental is being offered as a download to you if you want to make a drunk sober song, The producer would love for you to take this beat and get as creative as you can to make something that will match the mood of the beat of course you can change the title to make it your own. You should also be able to fit the verses and hooks where they belong in sync with the track, and if not email the producer here or refer to this article or contact us the best way you can and we will mix and master your track for you. Also keep in mind that our platform allows you as the artist to come on to our site and record your vocals, and we receive them automatically in an email once your done.

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