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Defining the Best Rap Instrumentals



This article is for fun and stands as a definition of the best rap instrumentals to use to make a hip hop song.

In the 90s hip hop arena music was fun but it was general, meaning it was a nice selection but it was hard to compete

with those slots with ones own selections. It was general in the fact that most people who listened, (to terrestrial radio

at least) was made to consume the music pushed by the mainstream outlets. Todays music consumption outlets consist

of a wide variety of channels to access to select music that fits so closely with the listeners mood it would feel like he or

she made the song themselves. Which uniquely brings me to the point of this article, because the flexibility in music

selection now gives the average joe the flexibility to create his or her own selections, quite easily might I add.

So if

youre going to create selections; which is very much possible, what kind of beats are you going to use to rap to. Of

course you want the best and now lets look at some qualitys to qualify what the best is.

1. Bass- Without a doubt in my mind the bass lays the foundation for the song, it gives the song that mood you feel. The bass moves the song along, without it the beat would feel like its stuck in place. So the best rap instrumentals has some type of smooth repeating bass that gives the music a dark tonal feel. This is just one component of the music, because it takes so many different elements coming together in harmony to make a solid soundtrack, likewise there is more than one element we shall focus on concerning the best hip hop beats to rap to.

In second place we have….

2. Drum set- The drums lays just on top of the foundation as if a layer of glue. The drums make the instrumental interesting, it establishes a rhythm, a clean one two one two one two one two is the rhythm you get from the drums going boom boom clap boom clap boom boom. It holds the bass in place a little, “the bass is like the liquid and the drums is like the cup or bowl or plate.” And the good thing about the drums is that it adds to the bass and a constant power from vibrating energy can make the music feel full and alive without any other elements.  The best rap instrumentals has drums that accent the bass and kind of talks with the fluid bass fluctuations and or transients (the sharp part of the sound.)

In reality these two elements make up the best rap instrumentals, but a few more elements accent these elements as the

drum and bass accent each other. Thats right, the bass acctually does accent the drums as well, music is mysterious.

The third element although not needed once added just make hip hop beats enchanting.

3. Melody – The melody is like the sugar in the colored water. It can exist by itself to make a mood but once added to those other ingredients it just makes musical cool ade. The melody is the flavor it gives the instrumental its distinct identity, its like how you know who you are its what defines the tune. The best rap instrumentals has a melody that rings with the entire composition but stands out alone with them. Its like you hear it syncronized but it sounds like its offbeat doing its own thing. The melody adds the mystery in a song while the bass adrums add the dark mood. The melody has to act as a spooky entity moving in and out of the music in a eerie haunted type of motion.

The basic bass, drum, and melody can make the best hip hop instrumenatals alone depending on how they parts are played. But the last thing that can make the dope beats even better is the back up melody or background harmony. Its ususally some type of drone sound, or a harmony that compliments the melody in such a way to make them act together and seam as one sound. Its hard to conquer this idea without some practice and experience, but once you master how to fuse the elements together you can begin making your own versions of beats to rap to, that compliments other rap artists rap styles and make dope music.

Even though its not listed as 4 because its miscellaneous the best hip hop instrumentals has a drone type of harmony that repeats in the background. Those drones acts to put the listener in a trance if the right sound is used and can spice up the music by adding extra interest in the depths of the instruments.

In closing, for the best hip hop instrumentals (click here) to use to rap to, that has been defined from an aspect of experiencing hardcore hip hop music on a first hand basis, visit our site to hear some beats. And although there are hundreds of thousands perhaps millions of sounds out there for artists to use to make there tracks these specific elements make the best hip hop beats to rap to and in my opinion it make the artists raps better on those kind of beats. Signup for a free beat by clicking here.

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