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Artist To Watch

We are laying a seperate foundation for hip hop music to make an artist to watch platform. (Click Here For New Artist) These days new hip hop music is discovered by the bigshots of the music industry. You know the big shots universal, sony, the big names. They are more consolidated than ever now days but they run the show. We want to fit in your life as an alternative to the normal routine. We want to give you the opportunity to be able to switch it up when you want. It is understood that sometimes the same old stuff just gets boring, so we want to offer a way for you to have fun discovering hip hop music. As of now on this 16th day of December 2015 we are currently looking for talent to highlight on one of the many section on our site tailored to artist to watch. We believe in independence so we make it possible for you to stay independent while you build your career witht he help of us. The goal is to get new fans and growth through the spread of your hip hop music, because we understand that the more fans you have the better opportunity you have to sell merchandise or downloads. We know that this game is about making money everyone has to eat and we cant say dont feed the musician or we would not have any music. So even the artist should profit, but we need lots of true supporters who want to support for that just that purpose.

Stop believing its impossible for you to gain a fanbase of more than a million, it is highly likely that it can be acheived quite easily these days as opposed to days past. The key is networking. The key to networking is to get someone other than you to talk about and share your music. The reason for this is because the talkers fanbase will then know about you and the more talkers you have the more people sharing your hip hop music and the faster it grows.

In conclusion lets build a network. We can all make money through our true supporters, and share the knowledge to build an even bigger network. Signup with me and learn how we can build a network now. Click Here.