There Are No Secrets! HushMoneyBeats.Net
There Are No Secrets! HushMoneyBeats.Net

Hip Hop Instrumental Beats With Bass

Hip Hop Instrumental Beats

Beats With Bass

We all know what its like to hear hip hop instrumental beats and its missing something but you cant tell whats not there. We know the situation all too well. Thats why our producers are encouraged to add low end to that part of the spectrum. Even if it sounds pretty good already we like to add bass, its like a drug you cant get enough of. The reason we do this is to make the bass audible on smaller speakers. In reality to truly hear what the bass is doing after mastering you would need to play them on subwoofers. We want the bass to be heard, so that just in case the music artist is using smaller speakers to preview he or she can get an idea of how the bass would sound in the car on the twelves for instance. Its a part of the artwork. Like a picture for sale, you would not give the customer the full color version until the sale is final. It works the same way here but with sound tracks. I turn the bass up a little bit extra to add to the color of the track and once the sale is final you can put your version on top of the hip hop instrumental beats thats prepared for you in high quality full hd sound. Most tracks will come as an mp3 however wav file request will be addressed on an as needed basis. Most of what we do here is communication, networking and connecting and we want that message to rub of on you as an artist maily but to any music professionals. We are what we have, each other, and if we build our networks through connections and communication we effectively establish our own empire.

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