Hip Hop Instrumentals Free

Hip hop instrumentals free


Hip hop instrumentals free


Hip hop instrumentals free beats to rap to. While we insist that you give our beats a try today we dont force you. We want to give to artist a comfortable environment where they can come a listen to tracks and even if they dont hear something they like they will know they have a choice. To much in todays world is there always someone or something trying to control us or tell us what to do, our thoughts, our movements, control the things we say. If there is no mistake here I thought we had free will. Thats why we want to offer you a free beat as a gift to symbolize the freedom that we were born here with. It may sound silly to most but we need to celebrate the things we are appreciative of. One of those things being the right to do as you choose just as long as your not hurting someone else, if it dissapeared tomorrow it would not sound so silly. This is to create alternative methods to the mainstream record companies because they are like dead zombies right now feeding on the talents of ignorant producers and artists alike. The industry is slowly being replaced by indepedent musicians who appreciate loyal fans. This page represents that freedom of being able to make your decisions as an artist not being committed to a music recording label. So we are offering a free beat with the celebration of free minds free thought.

This hip hop instrumental free to afford you three or four more hip hop instrumentals free to copy and profit from is availiable here through this link. —> Click here (free beat)

While your attention is here let us offer you free recording time here on this site.

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