free hip hop instrumentals

Free hip hop instrumentals

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Free hip hop instrumentals are availiable here in exchange for your acquaintance.  Nothing in this life is free and we understand that, and were pretty sure you understand that to. So even though we say free hip hop instrumentals its something to be exchanged. Dont worry though here is why. Once you have these free hip hop instrumentals you can take them and make out financially right? As producers we have to eat as well, so are you going to let us eat to fam? Lol. All we ask for is for you to introduce yourself and your talent. We would like to know who we are doing buisness with so if you would enter your email address and then add us on facebook we can also email beats to you as they become availiable.


Free hip hop instrumentals


Our free hip hop instrumentals comes with a trial lease (30 day leasing period). If after the time has expired on the trial lease user may be subject to and billed at a level 2 leasing rate option for as long as the user benefits from the track(s).

These rules are meant to prevent unauthorized use of intellectual properties and shall hold up in the court of law.


Free hip hop instrumentals

Along with free hip hop instrumentals we have some beats sold as exclusive only. Because we realize some artists might not want to wait to finish the song, any beat we have that hasnt been leased shall be availiable as exclusive along with the dedicated exclusive tracks availiable for purchase.

This experience is different because if you hear an instrument you like you can connect with the producer to get the beat customized to your liking, which would fit under a new category call semi exclusive depending on if the beat has been leased out at the time of commitment.

This is all to make your beat buying experience flexible and personal, because in music we understand that its all about the connection. We are here for you!

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