There Are No Secrets! HushMoneyBeats.Net
There Are No Secrets! HushMoneyBeats.Net

Make Music On Your Computer!

How To Save Recording Artists Time & Money On Studio Sessions!


Make music on computer! Without paying for studio time, record high quality music yourself, right away at home. 


Stop right now pay attention and absorb this information!


When you spend money for recording time you pay by the hour, usually between 25 to 100 dollars an hour. Right?

If you decide to go, you have to set appointments which could be days or even weeks away, you have to spend money and time on travel to the studio (unless its next door to your house), sometimes you pay for nothing. You may get half of a song done and have to leave because your budget wont allow you to stay any longer, so you have to set another appointment and go through the whole process again only to be disatisfied with the project because you know it could be better if only you had enough time to get it right. Not to mention sloppy engineers who answer phone calls and cant concentrate on your session to make sure you leave satisfied. Even if your song is incomplete or if you are not satisfied they still want you to pay them there hourly fees. Right?

A little knowledge for you, they have expensive equipment, but you dont need expensive equipment to create the quality recordings you desire. You can record seriously all while making music fun. (minus the stress of time contraints)

If you think its all about the microphone think again. You can obtain great level recordings using a fairly low quality microphone just as long as you have a quiet background. Im not talking about keeping the kids quiet and stopping the dogs from barking and the cell phones ringing and the police sirens from screaming, I mean treating the area around the mic so that sound does not deflect back into it like a ricocheting bullet. Welcome to the world of room acoustics! Sound travels and bounces, thats how our ears naturally operate to hear sound. If you have ever heard of sonar, (the same way bats can see in the dark) it work like this. The sound travels from the source, bounces off the first solid object it comes in contact with, and then (depending on the shape of that object it bounces off) takes an omni directional path until it dies off with time. Sound waves are short vibrations that last as long as a second but can travel long distances depending how much amplification is used in conjuction. Confusing? I know but bare with me because if you can limit the path and travel time of those sound waves, you can record great music using any microphone.

It does not matter if you dont have your own studio equipment and you want to record music.

Some artists buy pricey studio gear and start producing music as a way to record there own music without having to pay expensive studio time prices, but most artist dont know the first thing about being a producer and the learning curve can take several years to understand technical processes and equipment. As a growing artist you dont have time to learn how to be a producer. Instead you would rather use your time to create high quality music. Right?

No longer do you have to set a studio appointment two weeks away from when your ready to blaze the booth, no longer do you have to deal with arrogant producers and studio managers telling you how your music should sound, and best of all no longer do you have to pay $100 out of your pocket after the session is complete and your still unsatisfied with your project.

These studios have a secrect im about to reveal. Your paying hourly rates for using their space and acoustic studio foam! You can use your own space, especially if you have the space for a desktop computer. The foam can be expensive in some cases depending on the room your treating but you can also use egg cartons to serve the same purpose (inexpensive method). You hear of people using the closet to record because, the small space makes it easy to be treated fairly inexpensively, and even if you cant afford to treat it at the lowest levels of cost the hanging clothes acts to absorb most sound around the source (you). The method of acoustic treatment is used moreso; for expensive mics because those mics pick up everything, a smaller priced mic will still pick up your vocals probably better than an expensive mic will just as long as your in front of it (which your going to be anyway). Even still if your isolated in a treated booth, a low quality mic will do a great job of capturing sound because there is no outside interference disturbing the original sound from the source. You dont get that extra echo with a treated room, just crisp clear ol’ flat you.

The fact is; you dont need those treated rooms anymore than you need to have producers studio equipment setup. Your not a producer so you dont need or want a producers studio setup, your an artist and you can have your own artist studio setup for less than $100 depending on your preference of microphone. Im talking free recording time for as long as you own your artist setup, which could possibly be forever!

With an artist setup you own your very own vocal booth and it can be portable. You can store it when your not using it and it can be set back up to be used in seconds. Now you can make your high quality recordings using the same method the pros use. In a local studio you record and the engineer mixes your voclas in with the instrumental, with your portable vocal booth its the same process done a little bit differently. Instead of going down the road to a high tech studio to record songs, now you can do it in the comfort of your house. The engineer still mixes your vocals with the instrumental but you pay once your satisfied, not by the hour.

At you can make music online.

And it’s very simple. If you dont need rap beats to record a song, if you have accapellas or written songs with no beats music. You can record first and get a customized beat exclusively wrapped around your vocal performance. Now you can take hours to perfect a song without it taking a toll on your budget, and the best part of it all is that you dont have to know anything about recording because if you have an artist setup you can simply plug it into your computers usb port or mic jack and go to a site like and click record with your mouse and the rest is self explanatory!

Start recording music for free today here, evenif you do not know how to make music.

Side note: Did you know the beat by dre headphones have a built in mic in the speakers? They do and not only that but you can use your cell phones handsfree earpiece (microphone) to record music online. You can also use your built in mic in your cell phone to record music on the internet.

Most artist should see the benefit of having their own setup to record music at a moments notice from home! Buy it once and record forever. If you need a portable vocal booth built for you click here….

If you want to make music on computer with the mic you already have click here…….


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