Forced Routine

When I left off I was telling you about the time it took for me to learn this craft that got me here today. I spent about 5, 6 maybe 7 years to learn the music production process to be comfortable enough to call myself a producer, & still learning to this day. I wasnt only about just the programs and equipment I owned, because there were still steps in between the main knowledge I was hungry to grasp. Questions like do I use 24 bit depth or 16 bit, or should i use eight? ( I was using 8 when i started) Why should I use a rate of 44.1? What is this, what does that do, how do I make it sound louder like commercial music? I had all these questions and more and somehow, I always had answers just come. Although the process of learning these in between steps might have taken some hours, the answer was right there waiting for me to read it and comprehend what was being stressed. (the internet) I was learning about everything I never even thought I would have to learn. Today I have a different type of respect for the top producers, they learned alot thanks to music and they know even more than we may think. Now I understand these guys are amazingly smart! Learning about this music production process from start to finish is a headache, I can tell you, but it forces you to learn all these intricate details that are related to music, marketing being one of those things. I dont like learning about marketing beacuse for one its boring, and also there is no end to learning it, and its confusing, ( at first) but the way this music industry is setup it forces us to learn marketing as a kind of prerequisite to get to the next level of growing a successful music buisness. Its one of those things I man up to, I learn it more piece by piece, and get better incrementally with time. This article & this whole idea was conceived out of frustration. The more I learn and the closer I get to what might benefit my entire future, its like some kind of force moves an obstacle in the way to throw me off the path of my vision. I cant explain it to make sense, but I can say everytime I have ever felt close to real success slash freedom, the worst people I know, that I havent talked to in years call my phone and want to hook up, or the job you think you need calls you just in time for you to quit your success journey. Its the obstacles of success, and through reasearch I understand we all experience it along our paths. If Im trying to concentrate on something new im learning, out of no where the nieghbors turn there music up full blast, or a girl will call and want to spend time with you. These are the distractions that arise to hinder our success. Its subtle and seem unrelated but it has everything to do with the negative energies of the universe. Its part of the balance law where opposites attract, and its not bad, it needs to be understood and harnessed properly. It only starts as an obstacle, but it can be hurdled, the more you learn the easier it is to get around these hurdles. To share my experiences is to inspire you to bust through obstacles like a house raid! Determination is the key here. I was almost flat broke with $75. I spend $25 for a prepaid card to invest in education on marketing and selling (money making secrets) and I had $50 left for pleasure. It was an easy decision to invest in education at this price especially if it was going to help me excel in my field. In the past I had spent this type of money on food orders. This was worth more than the meal that I would get regardless if I paid $25 or not. This was the step I took towards a better future for myself. The obstacle came included with the prepaid card. When you purchase a prepaid card you need money up front to load onto the card, you cant leave the store with it unless you pay. I left the store with a receipt of my purchase, so I know it had money on it. I have used this same type of card in the past and had success using it to purchase meaningless merchandise or services. It always worked fine! This particular time for a meaningful cause, it was a clog in the system. Let me explain! I took the card with the money availiable and put my order in on the site which is a company based in Florida. The transaction was declined twice, with money availiable on the card. I called the company based in Florida to which they replied “contact your bank for more info”, so it wasnt their error. When I called the prepaid company they told me the order was declined because they dont process international transactions. I understood this, but I didnt understand why an international company was trying to access my funds. My money was on the card a good four days before I tried to pay for my registration. Before I had the card I had a feeling someone was watching my computer because it was doing unusual things like turning off by itself, tabs opening by itself, and other wierd operations, but I kept it in my back brain. The prepaid company explained that a company in India transaction was rejected because of there international policies. They were trying to insist on me getting a refund sent because I had lost the card and they claimed they didnt have access to the number. B.S. its there company rules, merchandise and service how could they not have the card number for me as the purchaser of this service. They had my security info so they knew it was me, they were just being difficult. They wanted me to wait two weeks for a refund as opposed to help me figure this out with great customer service. I put the refund on hold for now in hopes of figuring out the rest of the card number I didnt have. I had the first four and the last four set of numbers and I just needed the middle numbers. Using my wit I decided to research what those numbers stood for. I found out the middle number were the issuing bank numbers and account number, which would be the same if im using the same company and card type. Now I looked back to where I got the card from, I said to myself, ” if I get a card from the same store it should be the same series and all the numbers should be the same except for the individual number at the end to identify each unique card.” I was happy to be right. I went into the store with the intentions of stealing nothing, I found the aisle with the cards and cracked open one right there in front the manager. The unscanned cards are worthless so I dont think she really minded. I scanned the card with my eyes remembered the number tried it later on my computer and, viola it worked. Wow I was so fortunate to have recovered my funds using the creative power I had been studying for the past several years. I was intrigued. I called the prepaid company back to make sure my funds were still accessible and they were. I had barreled though an obstacle and even though I started off  with frustration I conquered, I actually won this battle by being persistent. I realize now these battles are intentionally trying to hold me back from succes or is testing me to see what I will do when problems arise. A lesson for us all to make it routine to fight for what you beleive in and use your wit to win these battles. Stay focused and dont let the power of negative throw your balance off, use it to your advantage!