wide vs narrow bandwidth eq settings

Wide vs narrow bandwidth eq settings

Wide vs narrow bandwidth eq settings

How To Cut Or Boost

Today were going to examine wide vs. narrow bandwidth eq settings. As a music professional on the boards you may run across an eq setting called bandwidth or Q. The Q as its called is like a lens on a camera, it zooms in on frequencies basically. Lets say you had a Kick drum you were eqing and you wanted to add a little thump to the bottom end, you would add a little narrow Q to a frequency of about 100. If you were to say, add a wide Q setting to the same frequency, you would get a collection of frequencies which could some times give your sound a muffled quality. When dealing with lows it is always best to add with a narrow Q setting and when you cut frequencies on low end material its best to use cuts with a wider Q setting. Because if too much of the kick is overpowering the mix, cutting with a wide band makes sense to reduce the dynamics of several points of the sound with out reducing the sound. Thats just for kicks and low end frequencies that you want to exxagerate. When it comes to high frequency content its just the opposite. When shaping the sound of mid to high range content wide vs narrow bandwidth eq settings are similar. Most of the sounds that you will be working with in this range should be cut using a high pass filter depending on what register it occupies anywhere from 100 to 350 or so. Some guitars you may need to cut as high as 350 so that it doesnt interfere with all the work you just did to seat the kick and bass. On the same token some mid range synth may only need a frequency cut of up to 250 just to clean up the lower end of that particular sound, and each sound is different but not hard. In these cases where you have a lowcut filter or high pass filter (different names same thang) on a sound that you dont want to intefere with your well crafted low range you want to cut using very narrow bands and when you boost widen up the Q setting to fit with and not overpower the other instruments that will be equalized later. The trick is saving space when it comes to wide vs narrow bandwidth eq settings so when you find sounds you like keep this in mind for now on.

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