Instrumental Beats Between 60 and 120 bpm

Instrumental Beats.

Instrumental Beats.

Beats between 60 & 120 b.p.m. (beats per minute)

The average hip hop instrumental beats reside in a tempo range of between 60 and 120 beats per minute. This is important for a producers knowledge. Most rookie beat makers might take this little footnote for granted but, it will determine the outcome of your productions and may confuse you if your not aware of what it means.

Most trap music is created around the 69 to 80 or 85 range depending on the producer. But if you didnt know that in double time these are the same speeds. Music is wierd because low is high and high is low, they are always equal. So trap music at 69 bpm is equal to 138 bpm on the double time tempo. Des Asante is the reason why this concept is well understood here.

Once you cross that 120 bpm threshold you enter into double time and it effects you bar and loop count. So what was a sixteen bar verse at 80 bpm is then transform into an eight bar verse at 160 bpm. Dont be confused about it because the difference in tempo is quite noticable if you listen closely. In slower tempoed (normal time) instrumental beats there is usually a lower tone inherant in the instruments being played. The tone is usually a lower lazy type of tone sounding like its lacking in energy. To the contrary of this is the double time version above 120 bpm it starts to sound like a normal tone but upon increasing the tempo the tone becomes more shiny and thin kind of chip munky. It also zooms past in double time. The next time you make a track keep an eye on your tempo it could be the difference between having a 6 1/2 minute song and a 3 minute song, because bars and beats dont change. The current standard song structure is three 16 bar verses, a intro & outro with two to three hooks or a bridge in place of one of the hooks. With that template there is only so fast the song can go to perfectly satisfy your audience.

If you’re an artist and you are interested in hearing some beats click here for a free beat click here.