There Are No Secrets! HushMoneyBeats.Net
There Are No Secrets! HushMoneyBeats.Net

Music Producer – We Are An Artists Best Friend

As an artist you want the music producer to be your best friend. Why You might ask?

Music producers spend a good majority of their time studying and listening to music and advice.
As an artist your job of day to day activities might become daunting in the later stages of your career. but with a good music producer some of your job can be outsourced which is a good idea because you want to stay in the creative zone to make hit music.
One of the more obvious reasons why an artist should keep producers around as a friend is for the fact that they need beats to sell their music.
If you intend to be an artist that people look up to and look out for, you’re going to want to be making money from your music. The only way to make legitimate substantial income from your tunes is to have your music available for sale. Artists cant even get music on itunes unless the music is original and if its not original they (itunes) want the proof that you had the remixed version (as they call it) cleared with a licensing contract or receipt from the composer or copyright owner. You can use one of those old snoop dog beats but it had better be cleared first. To avoid the headache of wait time of going through song clearance it might be a better idea to have a producer or two contact info around for quick easy service. Mind you beats do cost but the pain and sometimes price of going through song licensing can be eased with a producer that you have a good relationship with. Most producers understand marketing or have a good idea of how to sell. Think about it they sell beats, how many artist out their that you know besides the majors actually pay for beats? Its because producers know how to market to them. Major and indie artist alike if they are making money from their music its probably because they invested money in their music to have the ability to sell it on popular websites and distrubution channels. Producers are directly instrumental with promotions and brand building so the advice you can get from them is priceless. A producer is a master at sounds, so if you ever need professional advice as far as recording goes and getting the best out of your sound or even if you just want to developed your unique sound a producer as a friend would be very helpful to you as an artist building your career. Establishing rapport with a producer you call your own is a relationship every artists would love to have, think about it most successful artist to date has made it as a popular artist with the help of another producers ear even if they made beats on the side.

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