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Hip Hop Style – How to Flex Your Muscle

Hip Hop Style.

hip hop style

How to flex your muscle.

Hip hop style is all about being yourself. The best way to flex your hip hop style muscle is to know more about you. The first rule in this lesson on hip hop style is to practice being more you. It does take a little practice to know who you are and be that person if it has not been your usual focus. So to say it another way, if you are being you automatically without thinking about it then being you is not your usual focus. For the third time to sum up the point is that, focus is manual discipline and automatic is not focus. So once you consciously begin to focus on who you are as a individual sentient being you can start to flex your stylish hip hop muscle. Its important to know who you are first because you have to sincerly know from the deepest parts of your existence what you like and dislike and how to incorporate style into that balance of your dialy being. For instance if you know you dont like to sweat then everything you do to create your style should revolve around the fact that you dont like sweating. It sounds simple but it can be quite complex. If one does not like the fact of being without certain tools that they know they may need throughout the day as they travel, they may be more inclined to style themselves in such fashion. For instance a backpack to that individual would be apart of his or her identity. Maybe someone of this stature would prefer something with more pockets than the usual to wear to express who they are. These aspects are a part of style. To dominate and own the style debate is the same as flexing your hip hop style muscles. An dto own that debate is to have some level of fame in your local region.

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