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Best hip hop songs of all time -How there made

How the best hip hop songs of all time were made

best hip hop songs of all time


Music production requires team work, and this is how the best hip hop songs of all time were made. The producers worked together in sync like the bulls team of the 90s when Mike flew. The music of the day made life feel like a movie. Music is a team player sport and I can prove it by how the best hip hop songs of all time were made. As stated the production team came together, with a plan. So thats going to be important in quality music production to match that of the 90s.

How the best hip hop songs of all time were made using team work?

Its a decent question because it may be hard to imagine using teamwork to make a album with one artist but you would be surprised at how much goes on behind the scenes on location. (a little movie jargon lls). For instance part of the team includes the best hip hop producers you can find. More than one for variety reasons. So you cant make a song without your teammate who makes the accompanying track. Thats like the Jordan Pippen combo, (producer, artist relationship) they are all part of the same team using the same playbook strategies. Other ways teamwork is used to create beautiful musical productions is for extra ears. Although this may seem like an insignificant part of the equation the extra ears work to point out errors the producer and artist may have adapted to and dont notice due to fatique. It makes the process more efficient as we know song recording can get expensive. Extra ears can same time and money. The dj played a big part in the exposure of the works created by the music production team, his services are indirectly important. The dj makes a great work availiable to the public for consumtion through channels such as clubs and parties, mixtapes and albums or dj mixes etc.

There are indeed other components included in the concept of how the best hip hop songs all time were made, but the main point of this article is to illustrate the importance of using teamwork in not just music but whatever you do. Its all about the team because it is the sharing of ideas from great minds that think alike that with one goal in the collective mind build great empires.

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