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Whats Beef? Music Producer Perspective

What’s Beef ?


The notorious big defined whats beef in the era of 90s hip hop with his life after death album. What is beef though? When you hear about people beefing its a reference to intense competition or war. Its etomology has its roots in the rhythms of 90s hip hop music and of urban culture in general. Beef used in this context is serious buisness and dangerous due to the fact that the intentions is murder or death of the competition by the opposite party. Real beef can have deadly consequences included in the deal and should not be considered fun or as a leisure activity to any level headed, sane minded, individual or group. The point and purpose for creating this article is to define real beef. By the end of this article you should have an understanding of the forces that control beef and how they affect you and most likely a different perspective on who you enemies are.

So whats beef? Beef is when you need security on the streets, beef is when you have your enemy scared to read, beef is when you poison the food your enemies eat. Beef is when secrets and lies are used to defeat opponents, beef is deception. Beef can also happen on many different levels.

Its been said that knowledge is power, and in this beef that power is the weapon. The difference between the wealthiest people in the world and the other people is the fact that the rich have facts. Their knowledge of how to run buisness is just one aspect of how the knowledge they possess give them powers over their lives and others lives as well.

For centuries the rich rulers have been oppressing society through political and economic means causing a culture war. And heres the question again whats beef? As everyday citizens, people fight and argue with each other over molehills compared to the mountainous terrain of adversity imposed upon them by the faces they dont see. The truth surfaces about these shadows groups and the molehill people ignore it as if it were a fantasy they saw on dvd, and continue to feed their  hungry appetite for confusion and destruction.

Thats the real beef. The confusion because of the suppression of truth, the mindless bickering between two teammates in life is beef, the ignorance is beef. Luckily we have answers to the madness. We live in a world of all different kinds of minds and lifestyles, and the field of knowledge and wisdom is no different. The beef is on the battlefield of books and articles because the information is the weapon. If the enemy steals all the weapons and controls it before you can get a chance to claim your share you have to make a weapon or find a weapon through other means.

As we drive the point home understand that Dr Martin Luther King Jr. didnt have the internet at his disposal,  Malcolm X had to travel to study and see the truth. These days the truth can come to you with the hd camera through a television in your home. Just like books, there is some kind of battlefield strategy to make the info being shared through these channels as uncool or inaccurate. The truth is that these platforms are the battlefield. So, whats beef? Beef is lieing to your enemies right in their face. Our elders and ancestors have died on this battlefield trying to preserve the same culture we are ignoring today. They knew we were in a serious war and they put a lot of things in place to make sure we would recognize ourselves and most of all survive the war and thrive in the future.

The war is printed in bibles and religious texts worldwide, and omits or makes unclear the specifics of this spiritual war. Through my research I have came to the conclusion that this war is really a natural war and a challenge for man to stimulate the growth of humanity.  The war goes back hundreds if not thousands of years and is continuous meaning in 2015 on the timeline of history the events will note the oppression of the day.

Whats Beef

Most of society would like to call this beef a spiritual war because they would say it is the war of the unseen world. Which is inaccurate because if we were put here in the physical to understand and learn about and physical, why would we need to spend so much of our physical existence chasing something we would never understand completely because we cant even see it. I would say spirituality is more about the inner you, spritual means the development of material and personal values in reality, and based off that definition sometimes you can see ones spiritual beliefs. Maybe through dress code or even through something like whats in their shopping carts, spiritual beliefs may sometimes reveals itself.

Religion separates the spiritualites and cultures we have as a people of the world. Each tribe is unique in their systems of living and this is a natural phenomenon occuring on earth. The one wrong religion flipped the many righteous religions through corruption. The belief is that these individual religions have their place as a piece in the puzzle. Meaning there is one thing about each religion that makes it unique. If each of the important parts of each religion would ever come together to form one multicultural set of principles maybe the worlds problems could be solved overnight. Right?

In the event in closing whats beef? Its not a shootout with one another, two neighbors dont have enough money to create and implement systems that work autonomously against each other. The beef is not man against man, its man against system and the beef should be with the creators of the system. To know the system and its creators, it must be studied. To study the oppressors and their systems is bringing me back to knowledge, and how powerful knowledge is. To know the system is to understand how its was built and how to beat it, manipulate it and ulitimately destroy it if need be.

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