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Periods Of Economic Transition


When we speak economic transition, we think of:



1. agricultural age

2. industrial age

3. The information age

4. the age were in now or moving into

but before i go into that lets recap were we have been.

Agricultural age when you would get paid for land that you owned and was ran by the farming industry, or people who used their land to generate a nice lifestyle.

Then we transitioned into the industrial age when it was ran by inventers and you can get paid using your time via hourly wage to help build their inventions and after that

The technology/ information age ran by techies and book worms, where you had to go to school and get a great education, and get paid for what you know about specific subjects by applying it. Fixing Cars is an example because you pay for specialized college credits to get the knowledge or systematic processes. That gave rise to this age were in now the conceptual age, and its basically ran by the individuals themselves each and every person is responsible for creating his or her own life through creativity and ideas. This is a change in thinking this is a change in the way things have been done forever because instead of paying people to make thousands of products for the same cause now you can make your creative ideas come to life in the form of digital technology.

These are the times you may have heard being refered to as the new world order. Because it grows from the old way of doing things but it presents everything as new and perfect. We are buying and selling pure faith, hope and encouragement in this age and its all happening through art and creativit. Its nothing physical this time around unlike last time actual physical labor was needed of some sort, this age is different and requires something opposite the normal way of doing things in business and in life! Take notes because if you cant keep up with the times you may get left behind.

In the industrial age it was rewarding to get up in the morning knowing you can freely go to work and move your way up through the ranks and one day be the owner of a business just like that one. Well if you pay attention to what going on in the u.s. now at least, you cant get up in the morning and freely go to work if there arent any jobs worth getting up to go to availiable. So that industrial model is almost dead, and while peolpe push to hold on to it, it will soon be obsolete.

The thing about the new model thats so rich compared to the old model is the ease of use and the affordibilty for start up. Among other benefits were moving in this period and out of it fast into something even more magical than before so stay tuned because we never know what amzing gifts the future holds for us all each.

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