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Can Producers Sell Beats In A Recession

Can Producers Sell Beats In A Recession


Have you ever wondered about how producers sell beats in a recession? To answer it simply would be like saying God is real. You can sell beats in a economic decline but to just say yes you can do it doesn’t prove anything. You have to get in there and show why and how its possible. Thats why Im here this day, ive been producing music for at least nine years and have learned a great deal of wealth along the way about how to sell music, beats, merchandise, as well as intangible services like subscription based goods. I can tell you first hand that to sell anything in these environments where people spend less of there money on things they dont need takes skill and understanding of how to sell. (And maybe when and where to sell as well.) It is not impossible instead the opposite is true, a true salesman values his or her customers and puts time to the side to cater to those customers who will support the salesmans ideas in a major way. So much of how business is and has been done comes from how the relationship between customer and salesman is nutured. The key to sales is relationships, even in a recession. Understand how you buy things at a shoe store, you most likely go to a shoe store you are familiar with. You know the name of the shoe store, you know the people that work there, you know the prices before you get there, and most importantly they know you. Most stores these days have computers they use to do business on which acts as a database to gather the information of every new customer they receive. If you have ever noticed it, sometimes the cashier will ask for your phone number or your rewards card, thats because your information is linked to an account that updates anytime you purchase something. Its all to keep stats and helps the business fight recessions in the long run. Because during recession people spend money with what or who they know like in the example of the shoe store. So in real life the way to fight a recession is this: if your customers wont come to you to purchase, you may have to take your business to them. See the thing is that we all buy things because we have needs and just because the economic system is weak doesnt mean that those daily needs will be forgotten. This is why there is money to be made during recessions, but you need personal customers to tap into the wealth.

So in closing to answer the question can a producer sell beats during a recession, the simple answer is yes but it takes practice and skill to understand the principles that will take you in that direction. Buying beats is a need for music artists to do their job, without beats there would be no music so we must understand that music is not just a want that will go away with recessionary decay, a producers services will have to be used if music is being created and profitted from. Buying beats is a need!

Thanks for tuning in family, Peace,
– Cee Secrets

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