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Instrumental Hip Hop Free Download

Instrumental Hip Hop

Free Download


In this post you will find free downloadable instrumental hip hop beat(s). This instrumental hip hop beat comes attached with paperwork as official recognition to any and all contestants. It protects the end user and the producer from any and all objections. The conditions of the official agreement between the user(s) of the track(s) and are listed on the home page of site. These guidelines are put in place as protection acts to ensure that all parties play fair.


This instrumental hip hop beat has a “burning determination” type of mood and is described as a vent track. Its one of those joints that you tell your life story on, describing all the things in life that make you strong as the individual standing today. Its not a depressing type of mood though, rather a confident, reached the top type of situation as you then realize that theres more mountain to climb with all kinds of different new obstacles. Its like a victory song of you telling the world you made it but you knowing that this is still just the beginning because of the new experience you are stepping into.

This beat was inspired by one of those sad says where nothing goes right for you and you get so frustrated that some power builds from the deepest parts of your being to give you a shot of strenghth from no where. These are the times when the producer releases that energy into the form of what you hear as instrumental hip hop production.

Never think you are inadequate, you are somebody and you also have you own story from which you came. Share it with the world. We all experience that burning determination at some point in our lives when we feel all the obstacles around us trying to hold us back. Its a live energy that forces us to make changes for the advancement of our being. It all prepares us for the test that lies ahead. So when the odds go against you, go around the odds to beat them. Go over the obstacle or under it if it permits. Always follow the path of least resistance. And thats the word from the producer

-Cee Secrets

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