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Why Is Trap Music So Popular


In a nutshell Trap Music Is so popular because of the stuggle it came from.

Hi im Cee the producer and today I want to give you an idea that can take you far.

Its not about showing your music down peoples throats, but in the beginning stages of the new trap music

thats exactly what they have done.

Let me explain.

As My brother & fellow producer K Felon put it, trap has been around for years.

With the likes of 2pac, Biggie N.W.A. and the whole 90s era of music its alias was what the industry refered to as gangster rap.

They were rapping about the day to day struggles they experience in their life, which is exactly the same thing the new trap music era does.

They rap about life in the projects, in the streets, in the club, as so on.

They all have a common theme and I am pretty sure you can guess for yourself what that theme is.

Its about being stuck in a culture where your’e accepted based on how much credibility you have in this trap we know as our social society.

Its a never ending cycle that has perpetuated to this very day.

The reason new trap has become so popular is because of the lack of support it received in the southern regions of the united states.

Sounds hypocritical right?

The truth is that people hated that southern style of music so bad that the southern artists survival instinct forced them to band together

to show the world that they have talents and were not isolated just because they were not liked.

They made people like them, they brung their resources together and made it work.

In a sense they shoved their music down the throats of potential fans, but not like how a spammer would annoy you with their music links online.

They came together and became stronger as one unit they promoted their own style of music

or for a better understanding of what they did; They named their style, and called it trap.

It started with T.I. and if your into rap music you have heard of him.

He dropped an album called trap music, it was the beginning of a distinct new sound.

It started out as an underground type of music, meaning not really for radio. It was a street movement.

A collection of hard core lyrics on beats from independent producers made exclusively for fans to experience in a car or on big bassy speakers.

The new trap genre is defined by the sounds used to create the instrumental track, such as 808 drums, fast clicking electronic hi hats,

breaks and drops with transition effects, snare rolls and eerie sounding instruments.

The old trap music was defined by what was being talked about in the song.

Even though artists still talked about the same things the difference is how it is defined by the industry/ general public.

When you say trap music, people including myself think of the beat automatically. They might say its a trap beat not a trap song.

In short this style of music became popular because of the number of artists doing it and fighting for respect from the world.

None of them got any respect from the outside world so as a collective they supported each others movements

and thus made it an internal subgenre associated with Atlanta.

Imagine 100 artists that all have music for sale, and one artist is asking for support from the other 99 for $1 dollar a peice.

That one artist is goin to have 99 dollars and of that 99 dollars can support another artist for $1

thus keeping the investment money within one community working towards the same goal.

That concept was a milestone for indie music artist because now what they and all of us watching understood was,

that the support you needed from the fans was right there with the artists.

As an artist with artists support you have access to that other artists fanbase for one thing, the social proof is without a doubt apparent,

(for video shoots and features)

 and the financial backing is priceless.

The law of reciprocity states that if you give a little you get a little,

so any artist wanting support would be willing to invest time and money to support another

family member (artist) because if they give a lot they will get alot.

Sounds freaky but the most successful people understand this and put it into practice.

To sum it up trap music became popular because of the unseen support it received in the early underdog stages of its growth by the creaters.

Some say that trap music is dying out but in truth as long as people gravitate towards it, its not going anywhere.

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