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There Are No Secrets! HushMoneyBeats.Net

Rappers Getting Paid For What They Know


Getting paid for what you know.

In this world and in business this saying has always been true. You don’t get paid for what you think, you get paid for what you know.

That’s why most business owners already know what they want their employees to do.

It’s a success mindset and it encourages whoever hears it to know more.

As a receiver of this message myself, I did not always know what it meant.

I have always been a big believer of knowledge.

“Knowledge is power” is also another saying that you may have heard numerous times because the most powerful people know things that the average person doesn’t know.

Now I’m talking to the music artists out there, because like this saying;

I am trying to encourage you to obtain the knowledge necessary to excel your career,

This message should not be taken lightly because

the top earners in life always have something important they know and they all say the same thing, “I paid for numerous courses” they all of them say that all the time.

With your music for instance I always stress the fact of knowing HOW to sell it.

The top salesmen were at the bottom at one point, so they had to learn how to get to the top. And maybe it was consistency or maybe just persistence but along the way of doing it everyday they learned how.

The point here is not to spend all of your hours learning. It is effective but not ideal, and in this ever-changing industry of music you want to learn quickly.

I hear artists say all the time that they can do everything themselves, and they probably can but how long will it take one person to do a task that it takes multiple people months even years to do?

It is a counterproductive work flow. It’s similar to moving nowhere fast.

If you haven’t receive results in your career it’s probably because you don’t know enough about the operations of things. The beauty about not knowing enough is that it is never too late to learn what you don’t know. You can start today, but now you should understand that because you have so much to learn, you need to learn it quickly.

It should not take you 3 years to learn how to get your music posted and then another 3 years to learn how to you have it for sale and yet another 3 years to learn how to build customers for your sales and still another 3 years to manage it all.

Business moves rapidly you have to get it all at once or multiple unrelated pieces all at the same time. Most businesses fail in the first three years because they take too long to acquire the resources they need to succeed or simply put; they don’t learn enough quick enough to keep up with the pace.

If you could learn how to make the music, make the site, make the fans

and make the sale all in one year, then the chances

of your business failing within the first 3 would be slim to none.

So im leaving you today with my advice and that is to learn

and never stop learning, because you get paid from what you know.

Now this doesn’t mean that just because you know something that you are going to get paid from it. What it does mean is – that once you learn something that you know and you really know after you have learned, if you want to get paid from it, it’s going to be important HOW you implement what you know. I will talk more about implementing what you know in a later post but I want you to be prepared when that lesson comes.

If you do want to learn what I know about selling and making music click here!

I am a music professional I have been doing this a little over 8 years and along the way I have learned a boatload of wealth that I can share as value with people that follow me who will be or is on that road in which I have already travelled.

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I’m Cee the producer and I am signing out. Peace!