The Journey!


This a path for those who may need direction, here is the paved road you can follow. It starts here but its another road from which I come that lead me to this path were about to embark upon. I sure this path will lead to a different type of success than im used to, but i believe I can learn anything that captures my attention. Im confident enough in myself that I can do or apply the lessons I recieve in life in any subject to my situation.These first three keys on this journey are as follows: 1. Be Confident, dont say you cant. Know that if you have R.A.M. memory left in the computer known as your brain (you do!) you as a human can 2. learn anything of interest, (i.e. this article) just as long as you focus on it and comprehend you will experience growth because its the information that leads to action. 3. Do it, apply what you have learned with your focus, to your situation.These are the keys that will help lead us to the final destination, which is pure freedom in the flesh. I was inspired to write this article 1. as a record of where i have been a milestone to my growing success, and because of my next article. This is just the starting point in the form of an introduction, its to better inform the audience of what they can expect to receive by following me on this journey. I am chasing success, this is exactly where im going. My mind is set to be consistent, persistent and insistent with a dab of patience to help me reach my goals. This will serve as a blueprint for anyone starting off. I started with a vision, (as i know you have) and the only way to see what i originally envisioned is to pursue it, just as im doing by documenting my traveling path, The Journey. Im C. you may know me as Bmore Ditty. Im a music producer, sometimes the artist because we producers play all roles at some point. I started playing around with music at a young age, (15 or so) it was fun but kinda corny to me at first. I just thought it was something to waste time, didnt realize then I could harness the power of music to create freedom and wealth for myself, and others, and endless possiblities limited by the aspirations of the individual interested. As i aged I began to see the bigger picture, music is everything. Music tells stories from deep within the hearts of artist who realize the truth and know it should be shared. Music is your history lesson, its the flashlight in a world of darkness. The knowledge that artists share is usually hidden knowledge not talked about in everyday conversations. Music is fun and it is everywhere. I became serious about music (in my mind) at a time when mainstream music sales were on the decline. I had no support from friends or family, everyone was starting to look down on me, I had a totally dim future to the outsiders looking in, but for me I knew what was possible. I had a vision in mind and no one could tell me what i had saw, I saw it all clearly so i set a goal. I dont remember the date but I remember saying to myself out loud “I want a portable studio”. I didnt know anything about music production, I didnt own any equipment, the only person I knew that could help me was in jail. I kept my goal stored in my mind , looking for every opportunity out there to get me started. I was determined to make my dream come true. In 2006 I purchased a $1200 laptop (3 years after the vision) because I knew I would need It later, I barely used it in hopes of keeping it preserved long enough to reach my next milestone! One year later I bought a midi keyboard, recording software, and a complex beat making program (reason 4) from a guitar center way out of reach for the urban community. I found a way to get there as a determined salesman would do. (Key 3: Do It) I used to see producers messing around and engineers on the boards, but could never understand what they were doing. This curiousity helped me make my decision because I like learning, and this lesson would not be over anytime soon!  (never bored) It all looked so complicated, and it was until I was face to face with the feat. I pulled everything out the box, tied it together and, viola, I was a producer and didnt even know yet. I paid attention and learned those programs. It took years but I learned quite a bit about recorded music. Now today I am a master in my field as a producer. I developed an addiction for learning this music stuff and today that addiction has transformed into pure passion to create, and my new addiction is learning about how this world operates, business, life, freedom and stuff to get me to the next level as a man. Im interested in empowering people to set goals to aim for and build their own freedom as I have done! Its not hard it just takes a little will power.  I said I wanted a portable studio, today I have a studio thats better than portable because it does not need my energy to haul it around. I have a studio at a remote location that will allow users to record their own songs using their computer mic or phone mic, its amazingly revolutionary! Today my focus as a producer is to make music with artists who might not have an outlet to record music but is highly motivated to do so. This is more than I envisioned because my initial vision did not factor in technology. The internet is a great resource while its still free, and the boundless possibilties that arise from its use is truly astounding! This was just a brief introduction about were I’ve been and where I plan to go. If you want to go to, my suggestion would be to surround yourself with this type of information beacuse it does something to you internally that cant be explained, you just have to trust those before you presenting it when they say it works. In my next article I will explain to you why I started “The Journey” and it will be helpful to you because we all go through the same type of struggle to get somewhere other than where we have been, and the information in it will outline how to deal with obstacles because they come as you go forward.