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new hip hop music – willis da illis

New hip hop music


Welcome to the first artist being presented as new hip hop music on – Willis da Illis. This artist is one of the best to do it right now considering this wave of independent talent being discovered via internet search engines. So this article wont be about the artist as much as it should be at this time. You will have the opportunity to listen and discover for yourself the lyrical abilities of willis da illis. More about him later. We know him personally.

New hip hop music discovery.

If you enjoy independent new hip hop music you will love this website. We strive to bring you new artist weekly although we can do it daily because we want you to have time to digest artists and to make a decision based on the consistency of your interaction with his or her music.

New hip hop music found within the bounds of this site will be enlightening and conscious music for one. Although we are flexible and want to work with everyone some songs will be embraced others wont due to context of the content. There are no rules here but the point of the music you should find here should help to teach people about real issues that affect the urban community on a large scale.

None of us is perfect and thats why willis da illis was used as the example in the first article. We encourage any artist with music to submit their music by signing up here you will get a free beat for your time and some free promotion on our site.

So in closing, if you are an artist, or fans of artists this can be you place to come to discover new artist. Our independent friendly hard working artist will leave the fans entertained and satisfied. In addition the serious artist can take care of their business more effectively.

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