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How To Get Your Songs For Sale On Itunes



Getting played is the easy part once you finish creating your music. When you want to get paid its a totally seperate process. I tunes makes it easy to have your songs for sale online and the platform places your music in front of millions of potential fans and buyers with the click of a button or two. The number one thing you want to keep in mind when pursuing a opportunity to have your songs for sale around the world is that music is a business. Some artists make music for fun and try to dab in selling songs even though they claim music is their hobby. Heres news for you if you are selling your songs your music career is no longer a hobby its a business. When money is invovled it is a business cut and dry. So im going to show you how to handle your business when it comes to this music industry. First off you want to make sure your music is original beast and lyrics because itunes does not accept cover music unless it is accompanied by the proper clearance licenses. You may know me to bring this up a lot because that is what protects you if you are using popular beats or free beats. Itunes does not allow you to deliver songs with beats that are still tagged with producer advertising voice, so make sure you have made your own beat or get a beat from the various producers online. click here for a beat producer!

Second you want to make sure your registration is clear with one of the performing rights organizations. This is important beacuse it is how you will get paid as an artist. No half steping here, either its done or it aint. Each time your song get previewed played streamed rented or what ever you prefer to call it, there are royalties do to you upon that click and play action, like I said getting played is the easy part and you can get paid just as easy as you get plays, so make sure your with a P.R.O.

Third its preferrable to have a website. This is a crucial step as well because fans interested in your work would like to have a way to keep in contact with you and you as an artist should have the same agenda. There should be some way for you to get your fans to register with you and your music through a site that you can control and monitor at any given time. You want to keep them around for easy access to send them emails about new releases updates to shows or just to inform them that you havent forgot about them and your busy making music they can enjoy. This step is priceless because fans wont wait around if youre not ready, its a situation where you got to get all you can while you can get it by letting nothing pass. This means having a site with a way to collect emails of your potential supporters.

The forth is a bonus step but you might not know this until you go all the way and at the last minute find out that you should have your music mastered. Itunes is an official music selling site and they carry their business professionally. They want your music to sound the best possible so that fans will enjoy your tunes and their semi policy about having your music mastered is a way to keep things professional. Your music should be mastered anyway because if it somehow ends up on conventional radio you want to be prepared for the possiblities of how making the most out of your investment through networking can explode your brand.

This is not just guess work and information shared from reading a blog post. This is experience from dealing with this music industry, and its mostly trial and error, although i have had mentors for some things to avoid some of the hard earned lessons you must go through to make it big as a musician. Once you have taken care of these four steps then i would advise going to google a searching for tunecore. Its the backdoor site that itunes uses to help artists register their music. Along with Itunes your music will be for sale in the top online music stores. Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody, Spotify and more just check out their site to find more info on what stores around the world your downloads will be avaliable at.

For now jump on your business affairs because more artist are going this direction and it already a nice crownd of artist competeing for the top spot to get their music heard to more time you let go by the more artists that will come so act now.

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