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There Are No Secrets! HushMoneyBeats.Net

Would You Take A Job Touring

Touring Should Be A Music Artists Main Focus


Yo what up

Today I want to talk to the artist about their main duty, day to day task in the main goal is to be shooting for on a regular basis his career or music on his career if you want to be general is really a career me for the rules that’s right music is a touring based business and most of the revenue that it generates come from touring. When I say generate I mean most of their sales come from the awareness of the brand through touring? selling Cds, merchandise, downloads ringtones all come from shows that make the fans aware that an artist exist with this stuff for sale.
An artist has the ability to get paid for their time. They spend hours practicing to perform a show at a club or venue. Enough practice and recognition is laying the groundwork to be paid for your hour that could be well spent practicing. Then you can classify yourself as a professional artist, professional artist make money. Any professional makes money from what they do so you start making money from your tours you’re definitely a professional musician. If you’re a new artist you might have to pay to do shows, in other words yout time is not valued yet because you haven’t put in enough time you haven’t put in enough practice work for your time to be worth anything, and it seems like that’s the way the game operates. The same time that you put in it is the same time that you end up selling so if you’ve been working hard for 2 years 3 years you can by the laws charge 2 years 3 years worth of your practice and experience. Yes it’s true people sell CDs and make money people sell downloads and make money but the bus gets started when you start doing shows. Get your feet wet with $50 or 20 dollars depending on the promoter and the party and start doing shows to get a feel of the business of this music. It will be your main source of income in the long run so its better to learn it now, (before more artist learn the game and take your spot first) and you will love it.

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