There Are No Secrets! HushMoneyBeats.Net
There Are No Secrets! HushMoneyBeats.Net

How To Get Paid For Song Plays



In the online music arena business is digitally automated.
That means that at the speed of light infomation is sent
and a response to that infomation is resent jsut as fast
before you ever can realize its a automatic system
that is in place responding.
Dont feel cheated because its all a part of the way business
is done in todays age of automatic information exchange.
Nowadays you can walk to your car and automatically
unlock all the doors and even let the windows down
with just the push of a button. What wonders would
that have been for a person in the 1970s, they would
not beleive you if you could tell them. Its fasinating
to see life take shape as if it were something from a
sci fi movie. Cell phones that talk back to you, with a
touch screen that you dont really have to touch to
interact with it, wireless everything from head phones to
speakers and even music is a digital phenomenon. .
Its a drastic change from how music business used to be done,
and how it has now evolved into the magical monster it is today.
Music is nothing but still everything. Music has the ability to
alter your mood and feelings, and it is used in all kinds of
entertainment for just that purpose, but it is really not
something physical. Thats powerful, it can change the way
you feel but is not even physical, you cant see music but
it works. The business side of music is pretty much the same way.
You cant see the business until you’re in it but it will work
you if you dont know how to work it. Music and the business is
automated and as an artist understand, that computers
make things able to be automated and with computers the
precision is consistent. Music artists, producers and writers
are paid through automation, no one does anything you just get
paid through an automated system. Your song gets played the
plays get calculated the check gets printed out and mailed
and you receive a check thats it. You should have your affairs
in order by now as far as your paperwork is concerned, if not
we have coaches that will help push you to that next level just
click here: this is how you get paid. Because the automated system
is going to spit out a check regardless of if your paperwork is done or not.
Thats why this is important because you dont want to rush and send this song
out to a million people so they can listen to it and you dont get paid.
If a million people listen to your song, you should pocket some money
whether you are signed to a record label or not. This is why Indie
artists like wiz, and soulja boy and more all make money are are
motivated to make music for a dedicated fan base. Its not what you
do its how you do it. So you can send the song out to a million
folks and get ten thousand plays, Whats your cut? Zero if you dont
belong to a performing rights organization. If you do then cool
you will get a check. Its that simple, if you look up performance
royalties you will quickly understand how you can get paid for your
music plays. You could play the thing 100,000 times yourself and make
some bread if your just that bored as a consistently creating artist
though that probably wont be your aim. Its always been about live shows and gigs.
You are owed performance royalties for your stage shows because the venue
that host the shows have to register songs prior to performance dates to
be up to code with regulators. They dont want to be shut down so they are
going to play buy the rules. So if you are registered you get paid if your
not registered they might still let you play but they might collect
what you are owed. Think about the plays you have to date, all those
songs put together would have made you a nice royalty payment
over the past few years right? Thats the importance of having an
original beat because you wont be able to register a popular beat
without clearance first which could take months depending on who you know.
So putting your tight dope ass original raps on a popular beat ultimately
is a waste of time unless you have a reason and plan for such a decision.
Take this into consideration whenever you finish your next project,
because it will help you save time and make money.

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