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Record Music Online Yourself

Record Music Online

Where can I record music online? You may be asking this question so heres the answer —-> Click Here To Record

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record music online

But seriously, you can record music online with the technology of today. Currently in this early 2016 we have access to communicate clear across the globe with the push of buttons using the internet. So would it not make sense to have a way to record songs the same way. Audio quality is important but can be manipulated and managed using simple techniques I can explain to you right here.

Hear the Atmosphere

Most studio workers record music in open space which the ears and mind is sensitive to, so you can actually hear the open space when the recording is done in that environment. To avoid hearing open space and air in recordings the best thing to do is first eliminate the open space. This is why you see most professional music artists in a glass room or with a dark background when they record in the booth. Even if you dont have materials such as egg cartons and cardboard or if your budget is jive cool and you do have sound insulation the most important part is that you seperate the voice recording from the computer fan and everything else by setting the microphone up in an enclosed space that will act as a room in the recording. This will turn that open space you hear into a form and eliminate most of the air you hear from amatuer recordings. The sound proofing material acts as an extra barrier to keep the reflections down so it doesnt sound like your in a hall or gym. If you are using a closet for instance you could use the hanging clothes to keep down reflections. This method would require you to set up the mic in such a way that your voice reflects towards the clothing. Think of a filter; so if you put the mic in front of the clothes it would capture your voice and the reflecting waves would be absorbed by the background sound proofing material.

Sound proof online recordings

Now that you know a little about sound proofing lets introduce you to how this relates to how to record music online for you. You can have your own portable booth that will last for as long as you plan to record music. Its called a micro booth because it effectively eliminates that airy open space feel you hear in some recordings. Its water proof and easy to store and use, and it also takes up very little space.
This video will help you understand how to build a diy $23.00 mini sound booth in under an hour—> Click Here
With this simple homemade tool you can record endless recordings for free using our online platform as well as many more of the various platforms out there. You recordings will sound professionals every time.

Click Here to get started on your recording.

We fix open space recording problems during the mixing process.


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