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How To Make Beats Without Sound Kits


How To Make Beats Without A Sound Kit Or Drum Refills

The beautiful thing about this digital music is the fact that it is so flexible and versatile as far as what you can do with it.

When creating music on a computer the possibilities are endless.

Did you know that you can make beats without even purchasing a sound kit?

Lots of music professionals would make a beginner think a lot of stuff is required to create music, in truth the only thing required to make music is creativity.

This article that I am sharing is about creativity and how you can take nothing and make beautiful music that people will love.

If you have ever heard of sampling, it’s what makes the music industry move forward.

Classic music samples, popular music samples and more have all been borrowed to make newer trendier music.

What if you could bang some pans together and call that a symbol? What if you could pound on the door with your fist and call that a kick drum and then import it to a track in your digital audio workstation.

That would be really cool and that is exactly the method that you can use to create your own sounds that you can make beats with.

Without even having a sound kit, clap your hands and record it with your phone, take that same wave file from your phone and pull it up as a sample in your daw.

The good thing is, whether you use reason, logic, FL, Pro Tools and many other music production software it is possible to make music with mostly all music software using this method alone.

You will effectively have created your own style just based off the sounds that you sample regularly.

We’re not talking about licenses and copyright clearance, those are samples from already popular music.

We are talking about real life samples from your world.

So slam the door and record it, It might sound cool in your mix.

Three Six Mafia was known for sampling their own world.

This is just one of many ways to create your own sounds when creating beats.

Do you want to learn more sound design tips? Start getting more creative with your music.

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Im Cee the producer, Signing out