There Are No Secrets! HushMoneyBeats.Net
There Are No Secrets! HushMoneyBeats.Net

How to Record Music On The Internet! Remote Recording Sessions!

Learn How You Can Record Over The Internet!

It is now possible to record your vocal tracks quickly but not in a rush! When paying for studio time the clock is like a recording artists worst enemy. You have all these ideas you want to incorporate in your track but the pressure of a deadline causes you to squeeze in random ideas before the recording session ends and the ideas are forever lost!  Even though the idea might be good, the delivery sounds like it was rushed. Does this sound familiar? What if you as an artist had more time to carefully plan your delivery and stay calm enough to focus on capturing that great take to make great music. Instead, artists spend hundreds of dollars for many hours only to create one song thats worth fans listening to. Thats ok if thats what your looking for but what if there was a more efficient way to create your music without the pressures of deadlines and so called professionals. When artists make music it’s there music, how can a producer tell the artist how there music is supposed to be written or delivered? It makes the artist lose focus and leads to an average music production. As an artist you want your recordings to stand out, and if that means putting all your creative energy into your project without any outside interuptions this service is for you.

The industry of recorded music has changed thanks to technology. In the times of analog recording it was tradition and nearly impossible to record music without big investment capitol and a big technical recording studio to capture vocals. Were now in the digital times where it is not only possible but acceptable and encouraged for recording artists to record there own music, most times with little or (—>) no budgets! (<—I can help you with that)

Welcome! (C. Giles aka)  Bmore Ditty Of @ your service. You may never speak with me even though Im easily accessible and answer all request! Why? Because Im a producer and that’s the best way I can serve you as an artist.

My time is swamped (although im not complaining) from family, listening (work) and freedom,  and the little time I get to myself from a days work is usually spent checking messages and answering emails from artists who want to do more music!

Im offering this because I enjoy making music and, I want to help you out as an artist. There’s no one place to go; on the internet where everyone goes to find out about new artist! It is our purpose to be that place.

We are the studio you have been looking for because instead of just being your personal producer, now we can be your music manager!

Now we’re here to be your place to come for a start to finish recording!

The process! –


a. record vocals

b. beat selection


a. beat selection

b. record vocals


a. review mix

b. review mix


a. purchase track

b. purchase track


a. purchase rights to track

b. free rights to track (exclusive beat only) otherwise see 5. a.


a. mastering

b. mastering


a. promotion/advertising

b. promotion/advertising

8. coming soon

a. show bookings

b. show bookings


As an artist you can decide which way you would like to go, let me explain.

We give you the option to purchase your track before you purchase the rights to the track.

If you purchase the track and you & your friends like it,  you can then purchase the rights to the track to profitize from it personally.

If you dont wish to pursue selling the track simply dont buy the rights. We still promote you on our site either way!

This method gives artist a chance to leverage their talents to create great music and get it out there even if they dont have a huge budget.

This method also gives us a unique position to help artist with no direction yet. We show artists the options out there that are availiable to pursue with their music.


“We know its an artist world, we just want to show it!” – Da Illis

This encourages artist to have a simple setup to record vocals, and not to go out and buy equipment that take years to learn. If your an artist, youre in a race against time and money. Why spend it with people who waste your time to profit from you? (like a taxi driver) Dont waste money on another recording until you try this free recording session. We have the studio setup, but we just had one of the hottest rap artists in america burn the booth down and now the mic is not working. You have your handsfree ear piece right? Yeah that will work. Yes, the voice piece you plug into your phone, you can use that. Oh yeah, did you know the beats headphones has a microphone in the speaker? You can Go Here and Record right now with your Dre’s.

Use you Beats By Dre Headphones to Record a Song (studio quality)Record your track free when you signup for our mailing list!

Lets make music!