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Are you A Victim Of Mind Control?

After reading this article you will understand how mind control works. You will be give examples to use as contrast to your situation to recognize if you’ve been placed under mind control, and how you can break the barrier.

What is mind control?

Having control of something (the mind) is taking possesion of it. Its like being the operator of a vehicle, you dictate what you want to do while using this vehicle, you control it as an external source.

We all think we know what the mind is. What is it? I can give you a second to think for yourself first, because that is what this article is all about. The mind is not the brain, the brain operates because of the mind. There are tons of people who have brains, but never learned how to use them, so they dont MIND anything. Police search? They dont mind, work everyday they dont mind, struggling with abused children, they dont mind, verbal & mental abuse from so called loved ones they dont mind, its called a passive mentality. Mind is the way you think in simplest form. Your brain is a storage mechanisim for instructions used to operate the body. (like computer memory),  If you dont use your brain no one can use it for you, but someone can make you use it for them (imagine a computer hacker). If you dont use your mind the instructions to your brain can be changed by some other source.(tv, music, speeches etc)  Some external operator will jump into your MIND’S drivers seat, because thats how they can store something different in your brain instructions to benefit him/her. The brain has to be used to control your body, For instance walking is automatic, but can be done as a mindless activity. Lets say your a sleep walker the brain controls walking you really dont have to be aware that youre walking. The brain has to be used but the mind controls the brain so if you dont control your own mind, someone else does, and if they do they control the mind, brain and body. (If I lost you slow down and read it again carefully)

If you went to any public school its a one hundred percent chance you have been a victim of mind control. Unless youve already taken steps toward reversing the process you may never experience freedom because they are opposites. Mind control is the real slavery because (computers again) if you control the mouse (mind) you can point and click on b.s. and fill the memory up with downloads that cause viruses and eventually crash or (croak). Freedom is beleiving what you want to believe based off research.

You were taught that two plus two equals four, and you can prove how thats true. Right? Have you ever tried to research that? Well what if schools started teaching your children that two plus two equals five and made up a silly theory how its true, and the children learned the theory and became good at adding that way and never researched to see if it were true? Everyone would learn it that way eventually, and thats exactly whats going on in our lives as you read this. We were taught to handle things systematically instead of find our own ways to handle life. The one thing I want you to take from this being a victim of mind control is that the spell is broken once you realize they got you to. You are not alone its nothing to be ashamed of its been happening since you were born. Our parents say ” I was raised in church so your going to be raised in church to” the implication is “I was a follower and so you cant be a leader, you have to be a follower to.” The monkey see monkey do mentality. It has to stop here because the future for your children and mine depends on it. The music is telling us how its going to be five or ten years from now. With Miley Cyrus leading young girls to jump on twerk poles and Young Thug showing young men how to moan with a high pitched voice there will be more strippers and soft dudes out here than ever before. Five or ten years ago the music I was listening to has created a race of idiotic passive aggressive followers who look to the next dum dum for advice.  I witness people who give great advice to others but dont follow their own advice, this is mind control at its finest. Instead of getting smarter from others experiences they give random advice they learned elsewhere and then ignore that same advice when they go through the same situation. They cant see in front of themselves. They go through the same dumb lessons time and time again and think they have the answers to everyone elses problems. If this is you, you will say “yeah I know people like that” instead of saying “am I that way?” It starts with self to break the spell of mind control! For now on if someone is speaking about someone else in your presence start asking yourself “Am I that way” and you will start to see your flaws and break your mind control programming.

The mind is programmed through repetition for instance if you practice shooting jump shots the repeated action doesnt allow you to think you automatically jump shoot release without lining your hands up or even seeing your hands, and you get better its a feel you get. Thats because the body needs what its used to getting or doing to feel normal. Its called a tolerance. If your watching television everyday you develop a tolerance for bordom. Think about it people sit in one place for hours watching tv right?  If you move the tv in another room and then let them sit there the same way with no tv there going to be bored. Theyll be doing the same thing but without the repetition of the shows and commercials to keep them preoccupied. What you do everyday makes you into the person you are. Change your daily habits by force and the success you desire will come quicker than you can imagine!

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