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Underground Hip Hop Artists To Watch

Underground Hip Hop Artists

Artist To Watch

If you are looking to discover new underground hip hop artists you will love what we have to offer. Click Here To Hear Artist Willis Da Illis. Based on our taste we help you discover new underground artists by creating a quick highlight article about artists of interest with a preview of the music they have to offer as well as any mechandise they might have or contact info for you as fans. Even as underground hip hop artists you can see the benefit in this proposition. (I hope) We will mainly try to focus on conscious  hip hop or music with a message that can teach something cool not the opposite of positive.




This message is to inform the underground hip hop artists. Wadup im Cee, Im your producer. I would like to introduce to you a new opportunity to get exposure for your music. Just like how you got to this post, we write articles to interest our fans, and our fans share our post because they find them useful. If we had your music we would do nothing different. We post your links and we write articles to our fans about you as underground hip hop artists. We will feature you on our page as an artist to watch and send you the link and ask you to share it on your page or in your groups that you are a part of three times a day. This will effectively promote your music, but mildly. We will discuss more advanced promotion techniques in future articles, but I just gave you one thats super simple. If you just want to be a fan of the artists we feature you can just signup and receive updates directly to your email.

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–  Cee Secrets