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New Hip Hop Music Mike Bugsy – “Loaded Up”


New Hip Hop Music

Mike Bugsy Ft. Loaded Lux – Loaded Up


 New Hip Hop Music Mike Bugsy

Introducing Mike Bugsy, a hip hop artist with new hip hop music Mike Bugsy will impress you if you like lyrics. Bugsy makes his songs about the situations that he has faced in his life that he has had to go through to make him stronger as a man. He does not dumb his message down for fans just to make them happy either. Mike takes his time to craft tracks that not only the fans will love but other artists as well. When you hear his songs as a fan you just feel something about what he is saying that resonates deep within the soul of the listener. When you listen to Mike Bugsy you hear what he is saying and it sounds good, but the most powerful part of the experience is the mood that you fell when you are left with silence after a highly energetic production that will make you want to tune up the volume. Its like a warm comfortable feeling that you can listen to while you relax. Mike has been making music for more than five years as of now and he is honing his craft. He gets better every year and his music is a testament to that statement. Bugsy has had an interesting timeline so far with his music, from doing features with some notable names and shows around the country Bugsy is moving his way into speakers around the world by promoting and sharing his music with the online community.

As you listen to his songs you can feel the pain he has endured through his life and you feel compassionate about support an artist with such a profound story. He has made it though the slums and continues on another chapter in his life to create new hip hop music Mike Bugsy will touch folks for the better.

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